Ministry of Electronics and IT invites suggestions on Prevention of Leakage and Proper Recycling of E-Waste

The electronics waste (e-waste) comprises of discarded electrical and electronic equipment, and poses serious challenges globally for improper disposal practices especially in ...

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The electronics waste (e-waste) comprises of discarded electrical and electronic equipment, and poses serious challenges globally for improper disposal practices especially in informal sector.

Hon’ble PM has emphasized the need for creating awareness for environmental issues under “Swach Digital Bharat’ during his address at NASSCOM event on 01.03.2015. On the direction of Hon’ble PM, MeitY has initiated the “Awareness Programme on Environmental Hazards of Electronic Waste through Digital India Initiative” over a period of five years to create awareness among the public about the hazards of e-waste recycling by the informal sector and educate them about alternate methods of disposing their e-waste.

Over 95 per cent of e-waste generated is managed by the informal sector. Integration of the informal sector and access to environmentally safe recycling technologies may reduce the health and environmental hazards. In addition to technology, capacity building, skill management, scientific recycling mechanism, business management training are also required for safe recycling of e-waste.

In this context, MeitY is inviting citizen inputs to provide solution for leakage of E-Waste in the informal sector, and suggest proper recycling technology for E-Waste that is economically available.

The last date of submission of suggestions is 4th April, 2018.

For any further information about E-Waste, please visit the GREENE website.

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Dilip Chaudhari's picture

Dilip Chaudhari 6 minutes 56 sec ago

Sorting of material for must be done for both components by the user I.e mostly companies. Ensuring before selling to vendor.
Some materialsare recycled by user for making another products.
Some materials can be used for road construction for strong surface making good roadway
Some may shifted to high hills for filling up the gaps for safe walkway or transportation purposes.


LAKSHMINARASIMHA SWAMY 37 minutes 53 sec ago

1.Reduce waste to landfill, especially the hazardous materials found in e-waste;
2.Increase recovery of reusable materials in a safe, scientific and environmentally sound manner; and
3.Provide access for households and small businesses Nation wide to an industry-funded recycling service.
4.Make sure that the Social organisations participate in this exercise


NANDIKANTI SAI KUMAR 43 minutes 33 sec ago

Don't trash them. First, we should never throw e-waste in the trash! ...
Pass them on for reuse. ...
Recycle them. ...
Find a good e-waste recycler. ...
Staples stores. ...
Best Buy stores. ...
Do a cell phone recycling drive and fundraiser in your school.
Learn to fix broken gadgets yourself.
Recycling your electronic waste in this way might not be free, but it’s a small price to pay to avoid sending these toxic materials to landfill, polluting the environment for future generations

raomocherla's picture

raomocherla 45 minutes 56 sec ago

I understand it's pay off the conditions of sale of every items, in the west, they have to take it back for recycling /reprocessing. The same could be enforced, if it were true.
I am not sure how the take -backers dispose their left over waste.

Sulochana's picture

Sulochana 50 minutes 57 sec ago

The e-waste is disposed of every corner of the community and it is a great initiative. I would suggest that the waste should be collected from the generation center and it should be separated/segregated and recycled. so the end product can be reused. recycling is the best option. when I visited the USA and witness a vehicle (attached) to collect the waste at the doorstep by a vehicle, on the vehicle the waste we collect helps power over million homes

Hitesh Sahu's picture

Hitesh Sahu 1 hour 6 minutes ago

Solar energy is a good option save thousand meters of electric wire which is use for supply of electricity,,,, Specially in remote areas

Hareli resorts ( Barnawapara Forest of C.G.) is the best example of such situation

Dadi Kasi Venkat Apparao's picture

Dadi Kasi Venkat Apparao 1 hour 12 minutes ago

Good afternoon sir, to increase cashless transactions where our government provide POS machines in the rural ares where high, regular and huge cash transactions made by middle class people like LIC, UTI and othe saving schemes, huge amount by cement , transportation, MEE SEVA KENDARS .TodayRural area people are very suffering by banks and atms its effect consumption and once again the benefits is going to corporate sector. So kindly provide POS machines inrural ares to increase high transaction

KRISHNA's picture

KRISHNA 1 hour 13 minutes ago

1. As like other countries, high temperature incinerators can be installed at certain locations and the emissions resulting from it can be treated. This can be setup with PPP programs. Subsidies can be offered to those who setup these centres. The energy requirements can be met by using solar energy.
2. As pointed out by others, recycling centres can be setup at various centres.
3. Govt. or education institutions can be encouraged to setup R&D centres for E-waste management.


ANAND BHARDWAJ 1 hour 22 minutes ago

Small suggestion: country does not have good foot print & full scale echo-system for Electronic/Semiconductor manufacturing. So its a good idea to tie up with Taiwan/Korean/Japanese company (as a JV) to setup a Electronic/IT hardware recycling center in 5 big cities - with vision of revenue generation.

INPUTS: JV company to setup waste collection centres across the city.
PROCESSING: In the centre - dismantling of components for re-use/re-cycle.
OUTPUT: Revenue generation for JV