Reducing Corruption through Technology

In the past three years, the Government has endeavoured to remove corruption in every form and technology presents itself as one of the most potent tools. But, technological ...

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In the past three years, the Government has endeavoured to remove corruption in every form and technology presents itself as one of the most potent tools. But, technological interventions work when the interventions are simple, transparent and include a public feedback mechanism. Utilising advancements in technology, the Government is following a multi-pronged strategy to tackle the problem in an effective manner

1. Transferring benefits directly to beneficiaries
2. Making government procurements transparent
3. Digitization of service deliveries
4. Promoting Cashless Transactions
5. Jan Bhagidari
6. Open Government Data

Direct Benefit Transfer was a significant step towards plugging leakages. Amount transferred via DBT is increasing and leakages are reducing. The government has laid equal emphasis on citizens getting Aadhaar. The Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile (JAM) trinity will bring complete accountability in monetary transactions and eliminate ghost beneficiaries.

Additionally, Government e-Marketplace (GeM) was launched to make government procurements simple and transparent, eliminating any scope of corruption. Faceless e-assessment for income tax payers introduced from 2018 was another important step. Tax officers now communicate with the taxpayers through the ‘E-Proceeding' facility which reduces human interface.

The fight against corruption is a long and arduous one. Various online platforms have been introduced by the government, wherein the citizens can join forces with them by sharing their feedback and views. The decision to involve the honest citizens of our country in the fight increases the strength of the force against corruption to a great extent.

In the same vein, MyGov invites citizens to share their ideas on how technology can be used to uproot corruption and suggest innovations to fight the malice in an effective manner. Ideas and suggestions can be provided in the form of a comment below or by attaching a PDF document.

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Ashok Nag's picture

Ashok Nag 18 minutes 36 sec ago

A central bank, issuer of paper currency, can use some selected components of Bitcoin technology to replace paper currency with virtual currency, retaining all the important features of paper currency. A protocol is suggested for discussion in the attached presentation.

Shalabh Mehta's picture

Shalabh Mehta 20 minutes 1 sec ago

Taxi booking app is as such not a new idea, but implementing similar thing to cover all autorikshaws and kaali-peeli taxis is still a need.
This helps in four different fronts.
a. Public/Customers get to book a ride at fingertips.
b. Auto/Taxi drivers get more efficient way to serve.
c. Government agencies and transport department get simpler way to implement regulations and revised fares.
d. No need of Ride meters anymore, as app serves as meter.

ravi gorai's picture

ravi gorai 28 minutes ago

अतिक्रमण मुक्त कराये गये एवं आवास योजना के लिये चिन्हित जमीन पर बीजेपी के नेताओ और भुमाफियाओ द्वारा अतिक्रमण। संकोसाई रोड नम्बर १ टावर मैदान मानगो जमशेदपुर। घर बन जाने पर तोडने से भी सरकार को प्रोबलम होगी और अगर आवास नही बने तो गरीबो का सपना टुटेगा

Vikas Agrahari's picture

Vikas Agrahari 1 hour 31 minutes ago

GST पोर्टल को हिन्दी वर्जन करने की कृपा करे।
ताकी BHIM की तरह लोगो को अच्छे से समझा सके और समझ सके।
शायद आपको पता नही होगा GST न० निशुल्क है परन्तु बाजार मे उसकी कीमत १२०० से लेकर २५०० तक है। रिर्टन भरने के लिए भी अलग से १०० मासिक से २५०० वार्षिक अलग से देना पड़ता है।
इस तरह जनता को यही लग रहा है सरकार हमे लूट रही है।

Basheer Ahmed's picture

Basheer Ahmed 1 hour 36 minutes ago

Over the years, the issue of skyrocketing tuition fees in educational institutions have confronted parents. Adding to their burden is the annual and steep hike in tuition fees along with additional costs such as fees for transport, extracurricular activities and sports.
These need to be brought under government control, to save parents, honourable Prime Minister ji.

abhijit das's picture

abhijit das 1 hour 47 minutes ago

Go paperless in all govt office. Make email legal document and proof acceptable for all purpose. Demonitize 2000 notes. Infuse more 50 and 100 notes.

Harvijaysinh Zala's picture

Harvijaysinh Zala 1 hour 48 minutes ago

Make one app for goverment due or fee. All fees or dues can submit through app. Each service fees can see in app only. For inquiry pesonnel should not contact to govt official. All certificate shall gvt. through app too. When each person reduce contact with govt officials Corruption can reduce. Try to reduce contact between govt official and aam janta

Nitin Gandhi's picture

Nitin Gandhi 2 hours 16 minutes ago

- Make Email as formal way of communication in Govt offices. All officer can learn sending email when nowadays Kids are expert in the same.
- Make Fitbit as mandatory device for govt officials. Their presence can be tracked during office hours.
- Create app to rate your neta every year based on the performance where people can share feedback.

mannepalli venkateswarlu's picture

mannepalli venkateswarlu 2 hours 38 minutes ago

When outstanding educational loans for long period i.e., before March 2009 annulled by govt.of India,the beneficiaries will be very happy and they would vote for ruling BJP party, no doubt.