Improving community participation in Watershed Management

Improving community participation in Watershed Management
Last Date Nov 01,2014 04:15 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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Success of watershed programmes largely depends on scientific planning based local geological and hydrological, socio and economic conditions. Community participation is extremely ...

Success of watershed programmes largely depends on scientific planning based local geological and hydrological, socio and economic conditions. Community participation is extremely vital for a vibrant program, targeting of benefits and ensuring transparency and efficiency. The discussion has been initiated for soliciting views, ideas and suggestions on ways to improve community mobilization community participation in this program.

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vijay maheshwari 5 years 3 months ago

I believe that we have a good developing rate. All the cities are growing very fast, good transportation and everything but we are lagging behind in technology which works simultaneously with the nature. We all know that ground water table is continuously decreasing which will create problems in future.
We have built roads till the ends without leaving any space for rain water seeping which we need to take care of.

mohan raju 5 years 4 months ago

Three ways to save our country from water scarcity.1.All the rivers should be nationalised at any cost 2.linking of rivers from Ganges to Cauvery should be made as warzone effect 3.AT ANY COST THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD take serious steps against the states those who oppose by keeping this as a distant vision to over come the drinking water supply. "MEN MAY COME, MEN MAY GO BUT I GO ON FOR EVER?. This phrase is used to describe the flowing river. The Govt will go on for ever to solve the wate

mohan raju 5 years 4 months ago

All we know that during 2050 the world would face drinking water crisis.To overcome the water scarcity our govt should celebrate the year 2016 as Water management Year. Every Panchayat should clean the water resources and rain harvest should be made compulsory.The best panchayats should be honoured. Funds should be made available to dig ponds,harvesting the weeds on the water ways and on river beds. Importance should be given liking of rivers. All the rivers should be nationalised at any cost

charu agrawal 5 years 4 months ago

Sir please make it compulsory to have water harvesting in all goverment buildings and private houses.condition of water lavel in my city agra is very poor. please do someting as it was done in chennai.
I have seen in satyamev jayate


DINESH SHADANGI 5 years 4 months ago

Our ponds and well are good creative of ground water level.This recharge the ground water and keep in high level.So we should first nationalized the all ponds and ban of any encroachment on ponds and there should be hard punishment to encroach the ponds area.First to register all ponds and declare ponds with area officially by revenue dept.This is the important work to check the drought in our country.Well of a good source of water in limited consumption, so it should also promote.

shreesha karanth 5 years 4 months ago

Dear PM, Similar to Swach bharat, can you announce people to take - Rain Water Harvest Challenge? - For each rainy day in this Moonsoon(2015 June to Sept) a person will harvest 20 ltrs(1 bucket) of water and use it for any purpose instead of tap water. if thr r kids or senior citizens, others who r fit should harvest on behalf of them. If it rains 10 days, a family of 5 members should have saved - 5 * 20 * 10 = 1000 ltrs of water. Please, let us make a mission this year. SAVE 1200 BN LTRS.

Kushal Banerji 5 years 4 months ago

Vetiver grass or Khus grass, has unique pollution absorbing capability from soil, water & atmosphere. Its roots stabilizes slopes & river banks. It absorbs almost all harmful heavy metals including Hg,Arsenic,Pb in its roots and survives high acidity, alkalinity & salinity. It improves soil fertility, controls pest, improves bio-diversity & recharges aquifer. It prevents flash floods, top soil erosion, absorbs harmful farm chemicals & purify water bodies best suited for watershed management.

somu sundara goutham 5 years 4 months ago

Now a days the ground water levels are decreasing. Each and every home is having the boring ground water facility is available..So if it is continued further few more years the earthquakes will be occur frequently in our country.In order to overcome this problem we should apply a tax scheme from the people who are using the ground water...Otherwise our feature generations will see the ground water in the images not in reality...

pradip shah 5 years 4 months ago

Watershed management starts with stoppage of rain water in in each farm. it is huge task to create earthen bunds in each field. watershed has been implemented since long, but desired results are not seen
(1) most of the people are not own the programm
(2) in name of people participation local strong man has hijacked the program.
(3) five year is too long a process

can the Government take up on point program of stoppage of water in each field ? it will create interest in each farmer.