Inviting Ideas and Suggestions for Union Budget 2019-2020

Last Date Jun 20,2019 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

In order to make the Union Budget-making process participative and inclusive, the Ministry of Finance has sought inputs from citizens for the last several years. This year too, the ...

In order to make the Union Budget-making process participative and inclusive, the Ministry of Finance has sought inputs from citizens for the last several years. This year too, the Ministry looks forward to hearing from you on your suggestions for the Union Budget which will be presented in the Parliament in the upcoming session.

Citizens from all walks of life are welcome to be a part of this democratic exercise. You can submit your suggestions either directly in the comments box or attach a PDF document.

We seek your valuable ideas to continue the tradition of the Union Budget incorporating the citizens’ aspirations. The last date for submissions on this forum is 20th June 2019.

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RADHAKRISHNAN G 1 min 5 sec ago

மான்புமிகு நிதி அமைச்சர் அம்மா அவர்களே , வரலாற்று சிறப்புமிக்க இந்திய ஜனநாயகத்தின் தனது முதல் நிதி நிலை அறிக்கை சமர்ப்பிக்க உள்ளீர்கள் எனது இதயம் கனிந்த வாழ்த்துக்கள். என்னுடைய கருத்துக்களாவன,
1) நீர் ஆதாரத்தினை பாதுகாக்க குட்டைகள், நீர் வழி தடங்கள் அழிக்கப்பட்டதை மீட்க்க போர்காள நடவடிக்கை வேண்டும், 2) காடுகள் அழிவதை தடுக்கவும், மரம் நடுவதை ஊக்கப்படுத்த வேண்டும். 3) மக்கள் தொகை கட்டுப்படுத்த சட்டம் பிறப்பிக்க வேண்டும். 4) புதிய மற்றும் பழைய தொழிற்ச்சாலைகள் வெளியிடும் மாசுகளை கட்டுபடுத்த அதிக மரம

semith Kumar Shetty 2 minutes 42 sec ago

Incometax slabs should start from 15 lacs onwards to encourage Middle class ( A genuine tax payer- who is being ill trated so far by all governments by taxing him on his annual earnings & he has to pay taxes on his all purchases through the year. Around 50% earnings pays through taxes. Average pvt schools takes1-2 lac/ kid fees. poluticians owned pvt schhols & Hospitals never let gov school/ hospitals to upgrade. A voice of Middle class was never heard. Hope Nirmal Seetharaman will hear this tim

Sanjay Bhandekar 4 minutes 4 sec ago

Please make provision to pay Dependent Parents under Deduction of Income Tax laws. We only have for Medical, we are taking care of Parents and their day to day expenses. Like we get benefit for Child tuition fees, please put Parents Maintenance Fund which a part of salary should go to Parents bank account mandatory if the employee is opting for the same.

Sunil Sreedharan P 4 minutes 23 sec ago

1) Please consider introducing Agricultural Income Tax on Corporate Assesses only @ 10% and
2) We cannot afford to have millions of young educated or skilled Indians working the gig economy on a temporary and casual basis. Please introduce an unemployment tax on industrialists setting up units in China or else where.
3) Please introduce and Emigration tax on Indians who get subsidized education and then leave the country.

Thanks & Regards

Umang Dalal 4 minutes 29 sec ago

Respected Sir,
My suggestion s for Union Budget 2019-2020 are as under.
1). To reduce fuel cost I suggest to increase the common transport facilities.
2). Cash withdrawals for more than 30000 from any account in a month is chargeble.
3). Increase the tax on luxury items
4). All government offices, Public bus stop, Government offices should use Solar Power.
5). Water Harvesting is compulsory for all the new constructions and Government offices. To install the such facilities a tax thould

Umesh 5 minutes 43 sec ago

I am going to suggest the salary structure should be same as government. There must not be any variable pay.
IT companies are having a variable pay as a component into the salary where they are getting so much benefits and cheating with employees. apart from that they will pay from the empoyee's salary only but on paper they are following the rule.

There should be rules to make it same like government salary structure to avoid fishy salary structure.

SUNITA V R 6 minutes 25 sec ago

Employment is a key pillar of development. Kindly introduce more Development Programmes to create full employment opportunities. The steps taken by the government, notebandi and GST had adverse effects on industry and trade. As a result, a large number of people had to lose their jobs in last five years.

Sanjay Bhandekar 7 minutes 16 sec ago

Dear Sir / Madam, Please issue Job Card to all the Citizens of India who attains the age and a legal citizen. This will help to identify people who are Below poverty line, Middle income group and Above. Unorganized sector citizens who are huge in numbers dont pay direct tax, the pain is going on Organized sector People. People can employee, pay money to shops either small or road side guy only after seeing Job card. This will help the benefits reach right people and also do correct estimates.

James PJ 7 minutes 36 sec ago

As per my observation, nowadays most of the youngsters from village are moving to city and opting for office job. Which is leading the farming sector to be abandoned. So, my request is to plan something to encourage the people to look into the farming sector.
My suggestions are:
1. Tax exemption on farm land purchase + farming while doing office jobs(Maybe should generate certain % of yield).
2. Farmers market & guidance cells every Taluk - where farmers can get all necessary seeds & help.

Govindasamy Thulasi 7 minutes 49 sec ago

I would suggest the Income Tax Slabs May be revised as shown here to Bring in more Tax payers. A) Up to Rs.500000 No Tax. For Seniors the Limit be Rs.750000. B). Rs.500001 to 1000000 Tax @ 10%. For Seniors Rs.750001 to 1000000, Tax @10%. C).Rs.1000001 to 1500000 Tax @15% for All.D).Rs.1500001 to 2000000 @ 20%. E). Above 2000000 Tax @25%. The Edn.cess and Green cover cess or CPR Lands @5% of Tax for D and E Group.