Inviting suggestions on Strategy for National Open Digital Ecosystems (NODE)

Last Date May 31,2020 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), with other departments of the ...

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), with other departments of the
Government of India (GoI), is working on building an enabling ecosystem to leverage digital platforms for transformative social, economic and governance impact, through a citizen-centric approach.

The next step towards improving the lives of Indian citizens in a transformative way, is to build robust ‘National Open Digital Ecosystems’ (NODE), i.e. open and secure digital delivery platforms, anchored by transparent governance mechanisms, which enable a community of partners to unlock innovative solutions, to transform societal outcomes.

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has come out with a whitepaper which highlights key elements of NODE and describes the paradigm shift from earlier approaches to digital governance or ‘GovTech’. It establishes design principles that can help realize the full potential of open digital ecosystems to create transformative impact across sectors. The final chapter of the whitepaper lists a set of key questions on which public consultation is sought.

The purpose of this whitepaper is to solicit public comments towards a comprehensive national strategy on NODE. We would like to adopt a participatory process to prepare this strategy and seek perspectives from a broad spectrum of stakeholders including government officials in the Centre and the States, policy researchers, entrepreneurs, technology developers, and civil society, more broadly.

To facilitate the analysis of the comments / feedback, you are requested to please mention page numbers in your feedback. [For example, #Page 26 – Suggestion] This will help us compile and analyse the feedback in a structured manner.

In case you have more than one suggestion to offer, you may find it convenient to type out your comments (with page nos.) in a separate document and upload the same.

Click here to read Strategy for National Open Digital Ecosystems (NODE) Consultation Paper

Last date for submission is 31st May, 2020.

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Er Prem Rajput 32 minutes 31 sec ago

सरकार के द्वारा किया जा रहा कार्य सराहनीय है और मैं इसका पुर जोर समर्थन करता हूँ । तथा साथ साथ ही साथ अपने राष्ट्र के डॉक्टर , नर्स और पुरे पुलिस फ़ोर्स का बहुत-बहुत अभिवादन करता हूँ । मैं चाहता हूँ की भारत को इस Covid-19 से लड़ने के लिए सामाजिक दूरियां बहुत आवश्यक है और इसका अनुशरण नहीं करने वालो पर रासुका ( राष्ट्रिय सुरक्षा कानून ) के तहत करवाई की जाये और ये lockdown के बाद भी कायम रहे ताकि हम कोरोना पर पुर्ण विजय प्राप्त कर सकें ।
प्रेम राजपूत
(एक सच्चा भारतीय नागरिक )
जय हिन्द ।

Deepali Hingne 3 hours 47 minutes ago

to my govt team
one que
if one person at a time post 10 /12 msg
these msg - each msg get 7/8 likes at sem time ?
scrolling daily & each time gets ,not can read

Sree subhashini 4 hours 12 minutes ago

Homemakers digital ecosystem can be made. The women who do work @home and earn can be made into a group to make they can sell/buy products digitally. Only women working at home can register with mobile no. And they can accept money and also buy from others only digitally to promote awareness among them and also they can have a saving with transactions history for their earning.

Sree subhashini 4 hours 16 minutes ago

Digital payment via saving can be introduced to students who work part time after their studies can have a special account for them named as SELFEARN. With account code given as SE. Wherever the code with SE is a scanned for payment he/she can get some 10 percentage less from MRP to encourage digital payment as well as their self earning encouragement. If they are not used for payments, then the bank can add upon interest to it for their life. This ecosystem can integrate to Find no. Of SE A/C

Sree subhashini 4 hours 21 minutes ago

Payment process can be digitalised via paytm etc to colleges /school for avoiding more fee collection. The limit must be set with their account single parent payment with range given as per govt norms and this can be viewed by every parents of the school.

Sree subhashini 4 hours 26 minutes ago

Digital ecosystem by collection of fines in traffic rules disobeyment can be paid via their card wallet to govt relief fund through POS machine

Sree subhashini 4 hours 33 minutes ago

All payments in govt shops, taxes, bills, etc.. Related to govt sector only can be maintained to be a single card given to the citizen to be scanned wherever he use it. It can help him know his contribution to govt as a regular and perfect payee and also remind about the skip about payment along with the id given to him if not scanned/used via a message

Sree subhashini 4 hours 41 minutes ago

#5. All government schools platform can be digitalised by enabling the students to detect their face and a machine/digital system can allow them to interact with them. They can ask about their task given by teachers/tell their tough /difficulties and their achievemts. Those can be recorded and heard by the teacher to resolve it. It can be made colorful which attract children to share their views. This may bring out many values as well as some benefits to find out hidden person of talent in them.

Sree subhashini 4 hours 48 minutes ago

#4. A scanner machine can be attached to every bus steps with the number of passengers travelled in a day and sort out their destinations with foot step down counter and accordingly detect the persons if a person travel without a ticket.