Inviting suggestions for Thiruvananthapuram Smart City Challenge Proposal

Inviting suggestions for Thiruvananthapuram Smart City Challenge Proposal
Last Date Jan 01,2017 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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In the run-up to the preparation of smart city proposal, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation has prioritized and fast-tracked its initiatives and activities under Mayor’s leadership. ...

In the run-up to the preparation of smart city proposal, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation has prioritized and fast-tracked its initiatives and activities under Mayor’s leadership. Ward Sabha meetings are being conducted all across the city to ensure highest level of citizen participation unseen in any other competing city. Consultations with eminent personalities and technical specialists hailing from the city are being conducted. College and school students are being engaged in debates, discussions and promotional activities. The participation of citizens of Thiruvananthapuram in the dialogue process is expanding day by day. The corporation is leaving no stone unturned in involving all the stakeholders in this democratic process.

People from all walks of the life such as academicians, government officials, engineers, lawyers, medical professionals, labourers, information technology professionals, women’s groups, trade unions, marginalized groups, differently abled, student and youth organisations are becoming part of this democratic process. The traditional media and social media are becoming vibrant with the discussions on Smart Thiruvananthapuram.

It is time we who love our city come and put our heads together and find smart solutions to long standing problems like waste management and parking and traffic management. As the city expands, it is also time we start identifying emerging problems and offset them with smart solutions. It is also time to create a hassle free administration.
Let us Create a Smarter Thiruvananthapuram! Let us Create a Smart Future!!

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rahul_415 2 years 10 months ago

smart city for me is easy transportation and affordable living. Buy single smart card for metro/bus/auto and pay as meter reading by just card swiping. roads and traffic system needs improvement.

kumar sunil 2 years 11 months ago

Trivandrum city is all ready smart city few things has to be done, 1 city corporation is fail to deal with daily waste, They must engage private participation to clean day to day waste, There is big problem of waste dump in city area, people are burning everyday waste without seeing plastic etc, this is making big problem for older people . kids as well as for International tourist , There is increasing number of street dogs specially in the kovlam and other beach area, government fail to deal

Parameswaran Krishna iyer 2 years 11 months ago

Trivandrum need road train. In front of thampanoor railway station there is a park called ponnara park, need to dig deep and fill with metal jelly and divert all logging water to that. It will help to drain water in rainy time and increase ground water level. Need more parks, Need industrial parks. Killiyar river and karamayar river rejunevation. Quality city operating bus. Trivandrum is suitable to make cultural hub like film industry, art and craft training centres hub.

Dipesh singh 2 years 11 months ago

sir when we say something about smarty city it means at that city well maintain. it means good communication with fraction of second but does not possible without employment. it means it needed for our country.when employment get come get some chances of blackmoeny resources. it reduce when india is cashless we have requried high speed internet connectivity.when we say that chasles india it meanswe focus on both city as well as village. focus point is 1. Employment 2. cashless

seema punnoose 2 years 11 months ago

hyperloop system connecting cities and towns in kerala thus greatly reducing transportation time and no need of new airports or wider roads or even old railways. Dont wait for it come. Be the first state to introduce it in India. Project is underway in Dubai.....

Ramkumar Narendran 2 years 11 months ago

Integrated farming in rural areas around urban boundary can make use of waste in urban areas to be converted into food products like milk, vegetables, egg, fish,etc can be amodel for other cities as well.

Shiv R 2 years 11 months ago

Ban skyscrapers.Due to high population density there is big traffic problem in cities.Since this is a communist city there is no need of industry. However high rise buildings must be avoided.