Ministry of Electronics and IT invites suggestions on Prevention of Leakage and Proper Recycling of E-Waste

The electronics waste (e-waste) comprises of discarded electrical and electronic equipment, and poses serious challenges globally for improper disposal practices especially in ...

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The electronics waste (e-waste) comprises of discarded electrical and electronic equipment, and poses serious challenges globally for improper disposal practices especially in informal sector.

Hon’ble PM has emphasized the need for creating awareness for environmental issues under “Swach Digital Bharat’ during his address at NASSCOM event on 01.03.2015. On the direction of Hon’ble PM, MeitY has initiated the “Awareness Programme on Environmental Hazards of Electronic Waste through Digital India Initiative” over a period of five years to create awareness among the public about the hazards of e-waste recycling by the informal sector and educate them about alternate methods of disposing their e-waste.

Over 95 per cent of e-waste generated is managed by the informal sector. Integration of the informal sector and access to environmentally safe recycling technologies may reduce the health and environmental hazards. In addition to technology, capacity building, skill management, scientific recycling mechanism, business management training are also required for safe recycling of e-waste.

In this context, MeitY is inviting citizen inputs to provide solution for leakage of E-Waste in the informal sector, and suggest proper recycling technology for E-Waste that is economically available.

The last date of submission of suggestions is 4th April, 2018.

For any further information about E-Waste, please visit the GREENE website.

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PAGIDIPALLI RAJARAO 6 hours 11 minutes ago

Buying things we simply do not need is probably the biggest cause of e-waste.
We have to be organized enough to know what we have in order to prevent buying duplicates.

If you don’t need a thing, donate it so someone else can use it.
Before you purchase a new gadget at a store, ask the store if they’ll buy back your old camera, laptop, or any other electronic.

Sell your electronic items as soon as you don’t need them; they lose value rapidly when newer models come on the market.

NEHA BHATE's picture

NEHA BHATE 8 hours 9 minutes ago

1) Enable & encourage the local garbage vendors(Raddiwalas) to collect e-waste.
2) E-waste collection centers to be started at locallevel.
3) Encourage the manufacturers and sellers to re-purchase the products suitable for re-use or re-cycle (products like Tv/AC remote controls, wires,plugs, digital boxes etc are normally disposed off with normal garbage as there is no other way to dispose them).


BHUPESH KUMAR 8 hours 21 minutes ago

The situation may seem grim, but innovators are coming up with solutions. One of the solutions is for electronics manufacturers to stop using dangerous, hazardous materials when constructing electronics.Another helpful solution is for manufacturers to start taking responsibility for the full life cycle of their electronics, taking back electronics for safe recycling, disposal or re-use after they reach the end of the life cycle.

#swachhBharat #MeitY #mygov

vijay hanamant bandagar's picture

vijay hanamant bandagar 8 hours 36 minutes ago

Create an social walfare department for the purpose of educating the citizen of india regarding the digitalization. This department have an goal to educate india towords new india degital india.

naveen_mishra's picture

naveen_mishra 9 hours 30 minutes ago

education in goverment school me. comuter paddati ko lagu karo .or computer ko padane vale teacher ki padonnati karo. kyo kee teacher he desh ka bhavisy hote hai. well teacher hee well idea desh ko de sakte hai

Aman Rai's picture

Aman Rai 20 hours 42 minutes ago

Respected pradhan mantri ji log apnee chhoti jamao ko bank me nahi jama kra paate ya unhe chillad jama krane k liyea time waste karna padta hai atm machine me ek coin collector hona chahiyea jisse k log apnee chhoti jamaoo ko bank me jama krr sake 121 crore ke aabadi me se daily 50 crore rupee to bank me jama jauru honge. Jisse loan ke foam me de k hum apne gdp rate ko kai guna badha sakte hai

Suvant vikram rao's picture

Suvant vikram rao 21 hours 2 minutes ago

Dear sir,give the contract license for the collection of electronic waste from Panchayat level and after that district level and open one recycle centre at state level by state government.if the part is reuse contact to manufacturer and sell them.and if the not use further destroy that level.

Shyam S_1's picture

Shyam S_1 1 day 21 minutes ago

#MeitY must spread more awareness of the e-waste collection centres. Encourage consumers to contact these centres instead of dumping e-waste into the regular garbage.

Collection centres must be near areas of heavy consumption. As per the list on GREENE website the centres are far away from corporate & residence areas. Hence the e-waste collection centres must publicise and organise #SwachhBharat camps in residence areas to encourage people utilise them

Sahil Choudhry's picture

Sahil Choudhry 1 day 3 hours ago


1.Placed in public places like universities,IT sector companies )or the Tech companies that are partners with E-waste disposal companies.
2.In return the tech companies give discount to the users for their next purchase of the product if they have availed the service of e-waste companies for disposal of devices.
3.APPS where user is notified the reuse process..

Sahil Choudhry's picture

Sahil Choudhry 1 day 4 hours ago

Swatch Digital Bharat Mission

PRIVATE E-WASTE DISPOSAL COMPANIES IS THE IDEA FOR THE REVOLUTION.Startups can contribute as they can be funded by tech companies whose old products and devices are reused.Helps tech companies take care of their e-waste,arranging for direct pickup and processing,ensuring that valuable metals can be reused and recycled for future electronics.For customers like Banks that have to worry about their sensitive data that might be encoded on old computers,the e-waste com