Share your Ideas and Suggestions on Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

Last Date Aug 15,2021 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has often shared his vision of building a new, AatmaNirbhar Bharat by the year 2022. ...

Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has often shared his vision of building a new, AatmaNirbhar Bharat by the year 2022.

You may be aware that our great nation is now just 75 weeks away from the 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence (Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav).

To commemorate the monumental occasion, MyGov is launching an ‘Ideas Box’ to crowdsource ideas for a resurgent, Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

How do you envision the India of tomorrow, the India which will merge the best of tradition with the most modern, global outlook?

Share your valuable thoughts with us on the following themes:
•Progress & Policy over the years
•Any Other

You can share your innovative ideas in the format of a text, photo or video.

MyGov is a citizen engagement platform and has always been instrumental in engaging citizens of the country and seek their opinion to frame policies and shape various Government schemes and programs. Citizens have been able to contribute their ideas to core policy issues, make suggestions, give feedback, and participate in the governance process at large through discussions, tasks, polls, talks, etc.

Last date of submission is 15th August 2021.

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Manish Jain 2 hours 9 minutes ago


Krut 2 hours 26 minutes ago

Respected Sir,

Can have e-voter election as who may in out of country can also give vote as they all belong to country india and far soon the brought and bron up in india.

Vijay Kumar sharma 4 hours 7 minutes ago

Sir, the results were anylysed and I noticed that there was no dead storage because of 24 hours water supply and that was the reason
So in case demand and supply is checked and shortage is not noticed by consumers there is no storage no hoarding no wastage and indirectly best service
I did this experiment at all my places of posting and did huge saving of this precious matter the God has given to us for survival
We heed to preserve it

Vijay Kumar sharma 4 hours 11 minutes ago

I experimented for the expected results First I tried to put in prectice to publicise the consumers not to be panic.But they were not sure
I told to all the residents that there is no shortage and PROVIDED THEM 24 hour water supply for one week and I had to pump about 20% extra water in the reservoirs
In next week it became 10% extra water and after one month the pumping was reduced to only 70% with 24 hours water supply on all taps and consumption was reduced by 30% of the intermitt

Vijay Kumar sharma 4 hours 17 minutes ago

Honarable Sh Modi ji,
Most respectfully, I would like to put up few lines based on my educational field and it’s experience in practical about the water management in respect of its respect being a God gift for human survival
Saving every drop and avoiding waste
I had noticed that as there was intermittent water supply with fixed timing the demand is created automatically and Shortage declared even if the ground reality is different
Based on this at my places of postings I experimented

Saniya Rahman 4 hours 38 minutes ago

ka Arth vibhinn vyaktiyon ke liye binya binya Hota Hai Ek Do ke vyakti ke liye bhojan Ka pratyaksh nivala vah se Namibia Swatantrata ka Arth se chutkara hai sahmati ka Arth Hai Swatantrata Hai Umra Kadi ke liye jail se Rihai ki vastvik Swatantrata Hai Asad aur vyakti Ke ka ekmatra upay hai Earth in sabse binhai Swatantrata ke Mane paribhasha face par Vishwas Karti hun Jivan ke Kshetra mein jo dusron ke Sidhe prabhavit apni Marji se Jina chahti hun aur Pehle Jaise Shiksha Vivah pasand se hi karun

Pradeep 4 hours 42 minutes ago

Jeff Bezos is a moron who has become rich by looting the privacy of citizens all around the world and unethically experimenting with data of citizens and eventually their lives. He is obviously unfit to be a billionaire, and I hope Governments all around the world start suing this company for customer data privacy violations. Jeff Bezos is an absolute disgrace to the Information Technology industry and doesn't deserve to be a Billionaire let alone the world's richest person.

Pradeep 5 hours 1 min ago

Our Supreme court and high courts like to blame the center for not reacting soon enough to the Covid second wave situation, while I appreciate the interference, I feel that there is some kind of over reaction to the situation. Recently 44 Supreme court judges tested positive and I hope that they have recovered and Supreme court has realised the dangers of Covid-19 and has taken necessary steps to prevent the pandemic.