Share Your Ideas & Suggestions on Aspects of Stress-Free Exams

Last Date Dec 01,2019 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

On the September 2019 episode of Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon students, teachers and parents to share their experiences and suggestions on aspects of ...

On the September 2019 episode of Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon students, teachers and parents to share their experiences and suggestions on aspects of stress free exams.

We invite you to share your experiences and suggestions on aspects of stress free exams. You can submit your suggestions either directly in the comments box or upload a PDF document.

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harshada gawali 13 hours 56 minutes ago

Vaisahi padheme hona chaeye, jo chij bachoko bachpanse sikhae jati hai ow puri ki puri theory unke sirpar boj na banate hue une es trhse pdhaya jae ki une unme intress aae .
hum une therotical jada or practically kum ppadhate hai eska ulta kito result better hoga?

medditation krna une sikhana chaeye jise unki ekagrata badhe.

padhaeko boj na mante huve use masttike sath padhnna chaeye tress bilku nahi aata.
or accha teacher mele too to bilkul tress nahi aaega.

harshada gawali 13 hours 59 minutes ago

Hello everyone,
Mera ey mana hai ki stress to har kisiko harkisi baat ka aata hai. Kya bachoko sirfh padhaye karnese tress aata hai ? to mera javab to nahi hi hoga.
padhae/exam ko agar stress-free rkhna hai , to sabse phle hume ow chij acchi lagni chaeye.
Quki aamtor par dekha gya hai jo chij mume passand hai ya eassyly aati hai hum uska stress nahi lete balki uski or practice krte hai.

Rishav Goswami 14 hours 26 minutes ago

Adequate presentation prior to taking the real examination is strongly recommendable. Practice helps in reducing stress. Try not to rush as it is a major cause to make mistakes. Being comfortable is also very essential. Also it is very very important that one does not discuss the answers after the examination as it may make one nervous. This may badly affect the examination on his/her next day.

vasudevan_3 15 hours 40 minutes ago

Fear for / of exams need to be removed from the initial level itself.. Writing exams, for which undue importance being given, in reality results in negligible winners in the long run.. It seems in Russia, importance being g given to those attending the classes and thereafter exams.. All said and done, even conducting exams and selecting based on pass marks has its limitations.. Students need to be evaluated on the basis of ongoing performances without any type of exams..

Bogireddy Srinivasa Rao 17 hours 3 minutes ago

Students have 3 languages (hindi, English,...) in each class. If In 3 languages the lessons are same and morale telling, (lessons of our freedom fighters, mythology stories, lessons from all religions holy books), students become good Indians and exams may be less stress.
Example: if lessons are on sardar Patel, Ramayana, Bible, Quran in 3subjects, students learn and never forget.

Bogireddy Srinivasa Rao 17 hours 12 minutes ago

Sir, in exams , in every subject, for 75% marks,questions should be given from text books.for remaining marks, questions should be on the principles which we want to teach students.
For college students, principles are no to bad habits like smoking, drinking,drugs.
No rash driving, no eve teasing, must vote.
For school students
Wash hand, eat fruits, play more, no video games.
principles should be written for 20times.
They never forget and may become good citizens.No tension in exams

Jitesh Kumar 19 hours 49 minutes ago

तनाव रहित परीक्षा किए लिया स्कूलों में अच्छे शिक्षक का होना बहुत जरूरी है.
और आधार भूत शिक्षा के गुणवत्ता में सुधर लेन की जरूरत है
गुरू कुहरा शिष्य कुम्भ है गढ़ी गढ़ी गाढ़े खोट अंतर हाथ सहारा दे बहार मरे चोट

Murali Kondabathula 20 hours 18 minutes ago

We should educate the kids about learning knowledge than competition. Teachers and Parents should educate the kids from the starting stress free exams.

Ankur Katiyar 20 hours 59 minutes ago

Stress Free exam तो तभी संभव है जब course कम हो। Course की अधिकता हमें रटने के लिए मजबूर करती है व तनाव भी उत्पन्न करती है। जिस कारण से खराब परिणाम हमें अवसादग्रस्त कर देता है।