Suggestions on the innovative ways of conducting a beach cleaning activity

Suggestions on the innovative ways of conducting a beach cleaning activity
Start Date :
Dec 30, 2021
Last Date :
Aug 15, 2022
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Namami Tate Is a campaign brought to you by the Ministry of Earth Sciences in collaboration with the Government of India. This campaign is part of the Government of India’s 75 ...

Namami Tate Is a campaign brought to you by the Ministry of Earth Sciences in collaboration with the Government of India. This campaign is part of the Government of India’s 75 week celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mohotsav. Through Namami Tate, we are targeting cleaning of some of the dirtiest beaches of India with the help of the Government as well as fellow citizens. Beaches play a fundamental role in maintaining the health of the oceans and also provide habitat to a number of marine species.

However, last year, a group of researchers from ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE) found that the north-east Arabian Sea, just off Mumbai, contained an estimated 379 MT of marine debris of which plastics contributed to 40.6% of the total by weight. A major portion of this debris washes up on the beaches creating health, environmental, economic as well as social hazards. The fast-paced growth of the tourism sector combined with the lack of awareness on the part of citizens about the damaging impact of pollution is one of the leading causes of the abysmal condition of our beaches. The Namami Tate campaign aims to clean these beaches and protect our precious marine biodiversity.

The Ministry of Earth Sciences invites suggestions from the citizens of India about the innovative ways in which we can conduct this beach cleaning activity. We value your suggestions which would be instrumental in implementing this campaign.

The best entries from the citizens will be identified by the Ministry and will be featured on the MyGov page.

The last date to receive suggestions is 15th August 2022.

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HimmatSingh 7 minutes 24 sec ago

yes it rightly said that beach is a place to relax and fun but somewhere with our relax and enjoyment we destroying the fragile enviroment of flora and fauna . as beach is a spot point of turtles where they lay their eggs and with increasing of sea pollution their habita declining day by day even acc to IUCN red list max turtles is in endangered species

following steps taken by
1.NGO and volunteer group -create a spot at which public canot go and reserve it for egg zone of turtles
2.arrange dustbin at sea
3.start awareness proagram among the venders there
4.teach vender about the cleaniness around themselves
5.teach young genration to throw non use matterial in dustbin which is fundamental duty of every citizen

govt also initiate by-
1.there are many companies who use beach waste to convert from garbage to income
eg-addidas making footwear from sea waste or waste around sea
2. encourage FDI to give them a support to do buisness in garbage waste

Mayank Sodha 33 minutes 30 sec ago

Please make public area, beaches, gardens chargeable so that people don't litter around and if they do fine them heavily. the money and charges can be used to clean public places. Inclusion of society will only change this. Schools and College has to make it mandatory as part of Giving back to society once a month to take kids and clean near by area which will make kids understand the importance of cleanliness.

Pratikvinaytater 1 hour 6 minutes ago

in beaches more plastic waste is there.

I think so we have to make a group and clean all the plastic waste. we have reduce to buy plastic bottles. plastic is not fast recyclable.


Jagdish Kumar Tiwari 2 hours 10 minutes ago

Dear Sirs,
Please find few points for cleaning of beach..
1. Appoint a specific team for the purpose round the clock on paid basis.
2. Every visitor has to pay a nominal fee for cleanliness.
3. Nothing should be thrown in water. It must not be allowed.
4. All reasons of dirt should be kept away. minimum 50 to 100 meters as per ground need.
5, A social awakening program should made effective in near by areas.
Jai Hind
J K Tiwari

Rajesh Ediga 2 hours 31 minutes ago

Not only beach : this idea can implement for all areas . 1) who owns the property of the land they are responsible to keep it neat and tidy or else municipalities can charge a fine as a certain rules . Same goes to municipalities, there should be an system from central who does same to all areas municipalities incharge’s . We humans need rules to follow or else even my 100 acres will left out dirty if not making that use for any country growth .

RohanSorick 2 hours 46 minutes ago

As a responsible citizen, I strongly feel the need to make significant contribution to keep my country clean. As far as the beaches are concerned, I feel every shack should have garbage bins to collect the trash. The cops on duty must levy a fine on the people littering trash here and there. Children should be motivated by their elders to keep the beaches clean. Sign boards must be put up to spread awareness about the need for clean beaches. School children can carry out campaigns to motivate others.

Pankaj singh solanki 4 hours 12 minutes ago

In this particular task... there lies two questions-
1.How to clean the beaches?
2.How to keep the beaches clean?
Let's take one by one...
Beaches could be cleaned effectively with the help of technology and man power. So along with the use of appropriate technology we can ask the help from locals and the tourists visiting the beaches.
In this work, one thing which we will need to do is to put a reward for anyone who is gonna help in this work. Actually we Indians have the tendency that whenever we see a reward behind a task we tend to perform it with more efficiency and effectiveness.

Now comes the second part..once the beaches are clean the main task is to keep them clean!
So this is something which needs to be cultivated in our culture. This means that the elders of our society should understand that not only beaches but our whole surrounding should be kept clean with the proper use of dustbins.
Looking at the elders children will do the same, eventually keeping the beaches clean.

KRISHNAGANDHI P 11 hours 39 minutes ago

Place the dustbin frequent distance for throw plastics and other wastes. Also display the particular distance about the green beach

Manoj K Jain 12 hours 50 minutes ago

How to make our Beaches clean in Innovative ways.

Beyond the appeals and awareness among the people , we have to go for technological innovation.

Like the CCTV cameras on city roads , the traffic police , send the online challan from control room to owner on speeding the vehicle automatically. In the same way , if anyone throw the garbage on beaches , the hidden CCTV camera will take the pics and will store it in and send display on bill board screens and also put their pics under the caption " Hall of Shame" . On the other way , the pics of persons , who are taking care of beaches , there pics should be displayed and publicised under Hall of Fame. It will encourage the people to keep their beaches clean.

The AI based face recognition Software tools may also be used in CCTVs.

The Beach Administration Authorities may also ban to carry any such material on beach areas.