Suggestions Invited for Smart City Proposal for Shimla

Suggestions Invited for Smart City Proposal for Shimla
Last Date Apr 21,2017 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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Shimla - a small hill city with huge tourist footfalls - aspires to become a world-class tourist destination. To achieve this, the city must deal with its infrastructural ...

Shimla - a small hill city with huge tourist footfalls - aspires to become a world-class tourist destination. To achieve this, the city must deal with its infrastructural challenges like solving its water scarcity, tackle its vehicular congestion problem and most importantly make its dilapidating buildings safe and continue attracting more tourists. Instead of following the conventional short-term problem-specific piecemeal approach – the city plans to use the Smart City Challenge to propose a large-scale urban redevelopment, water-resilience and mobility-improvement program.

The Smart city plan envisions Shimla to be “Resilient Global Tourism Destination” that anchors itself on its cultural, historic & natural assets, while ensuring a livable, inclusive, sustainable & flexible environment for improved quality of life of its citizens.

The key strategic directional propositions that have guided the city to set its vision & goals on basis on detail city profiling & citizen engagement are as follows:

1. Improve city’s resilience index across all four dimensions i.e. Health & wellbeing, Economy & society, Infrastructure & environment and Leadership & strategy.
2. Anchor and restore the city’s historic & natural assets.
3. Leverage city’s strength & weakness to create assets & opportunities.

We have finalized and submitted Shimla-Smart city proposal for this round and uploading the same for public discussions/comments.

Click here to read the Smart City Proposal

Click here to read the Annexures related to the proposal

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Rahul Mishra 3 years 3 months ago

by seeing at all the cmments given by our users, I would like to say that the mosquito problem and pan card problem is serious as our friend esver one and Jagdish pathak had said. According to me wifi system should be there for better education of students and more roads and underground sewage system system with good storage system must be developed. Thanks.

JAGDISH PATHAK 3 years 3 months ago

In respect to Aadhar no. linking wiht PAN no.,is the best concept of hon. PM for scrutinising and analysing the transactions, I want to suggest that, linking of PAN NO. and AADHAR NO. should be given important, the minor spelling mistake or written KUMAR,BHAI,CHANDRA, BEN,DEVI,BA, After the name, may be differant in Aadhar and PAN, hence, such, technical error should be avoided for one year,it is possible that more than 20% I T return will not filed due to such technical error , best wishes

JANARDAN DAVE 3 years 3 months ago

મન ની વાત સાંભળી હોટલ માં થતા અનાજ ના બગાડ અટકાવવા ઓછું પીરસવાને બદલે ગ્રાહક જાતે જોઈએ તેટલું લઈ શકે તેવા ફરતા ટેબલ ગોઠવવા જોઈએ.

Lokesh Ramachandrappa 3 years 3 months ago

btw, why are we giving suggestions ? govt has already invited FDI and UK is planning for smartcity project, they are good in planning the city.
All we need it good roads and connectivity that should not impact with population growth for next 100 years, underground sewage and good amount of water storage space to handle flood.

Esver 3 years 3 months ago

One of the main problem of smart cities & other major Indian Cities is Mosquito problem. Despite of DRDO developing lot of measures to completely eradicate mosquito still Indians suffering from this night mare. Lot of Indians Dying because of this main problem not eradicated completely Reason 1. Main reason is having open Ditch i.e( open canal, a narrow channel dug at the side of a road or field, to hold or carry away water. This is the main reason in cities & villages, to have mosquito swarm.

Amoghavara 3 years 3 months ago

According to me this one of the best step taken by the government to do the smart city in nation.. They should keep up going this by planning and concentrating more on the revenue that is our tourists who act as a good revenue to the nation and should encourage in keeping the city smart as well as clean as this project can even provide a good number of employments as well.. Good going and good works like this should be appreciated..

Esver 3 years 3 months ago

Set up more research centers with world class infra structure, & treat it as multinational academic institution. So more students will rush there, they spend there it creates more job more income. Allow more mind boggling research in hill station with all amusement to make sure research scholars have nice stay to involve in researches.More cine multiplex, dance arena, self defense courses etc,will always attract people there.Big sport training institutes, Medicine research center will boost them

Esver 3 years 3 months ago

Conduct monthly savings schemes, or lucky dip for jan dhan accounts people to visit shimla like hill station full free of cost, if they invest monthly. Choose from each district, Also people investing in insurance in public sector banks should get lucky dip for getting a chance to visit hill station. This will motive more people to visit there.Keep more dust bin in roads & places. Create more amusement like parks, zoo, snake park,butterfly, herbs etc. since Shimla lacking it.