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जिस महान व्यक्तित्व ने पूरी दुनिया को बताया कि सौम्यता व विनम्रता से ...

जिस महान व्यक्तित्व ने पूरी दुनिया को बताया कि सौम्यता व विनम्रता से दुनिया बदली जा सकती है। उनकी 150 वीं जयंती के साथ एक नई शुरुआत की जा रही है। वे अपने पीछे नैतिकता, आत्मसम्मान, क्षमा, अहिंसा और सत्याग्रह आदि की विरासत छोड़ गए हैं। अब दुनिया तेजी से विकसित हो रही है और सभी के सतत और समावेशी विकास के लिए कुछ पहलूओं पर ध्यान दिए जाने की आवश्यकता है।

गांधी स्मृति और दर्शन समिति इस डिजिटल मंच पर आपको खुली चर्चा के लिए आमंत्रित करती है जहां आप अपने बहुमूल्य विचारों को साझा कर सकते हैं।

इन विचारों को महात्मा गांधी की 150 वीं जयंती समारोह के लिए समर्पित विभिन्न कार्यक्रमों के संचालन में समिति द्वारा उपयोग किया जा सकता है।

भेजने की अंतिम तिथि जनवरी 30, 2020 है।

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Nikunjkumar Kantibhai Dhimmar 4 घंटे 11 मिनट पहले

I admire Gandhi for all that he did and the risks that he took. He was jailed many times. He was also a precursor when he defended women’s rights, and it is mainly thanks to him that women have an important social and political role in India. The only thing that he didn’t manage to avoid is the civil war between Muslims in Pakistan and Hindus in India. Can non-violence prevent the world from religious wars? I don’t really know, but it is an alternative to armies.

Mandar Das 16 घंटे 50 मिनट पहले

One can also volunteer in raising fund for the poor and distressed people. One can also stand by the old-aged and elderly people for our society in times of need. Lend a helping hand whatever be your contribution specially for the children and people undergoing any critical illness. There is no substitute to doing a community service as it brings as sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in oneself.

Mandar Das 16 घंटे 51 मिनट पहले

One thing that needs to be kept in mind though, one needs to be disciplined enough to develop the wisdom. For example, the person who affrighted from spitting into public places can only prevent the other person from doing so by articulating the importance of maintaining cleanliness practice.

luxman singh rawat 19 घंटे 10 मिनट पहले

What I did, was fruitful, if yes then I did good job .If it was unfruitful then it is bad .So what I have written above is for me because I think about myself not for other but Gandhi ji did remarkable deed of freedom fight for entire nation and paved way for other countries to follow the track of truth and non-violence to achieve their freedom.

SUDHANSHU SHARMA 20 घंटे 20 मिनट पहले

Mahatma gandhi is a role model for our nation. The man who taught us that In a gentle way ,you can shake the world .Non- violence is the key for success without hurting anyone. He has left the legacy of teachings of morality ,self sufficiency,forgiveness
non -violence and satyagraha ,etc behind him.

Sneha 2 days 2 घंटे पहले

Respected sir,
please remove reservation in india to give equal chance and opportunity to everyone on the basis of their capability of knowledge all should do equal labour it the most worst thing which middle class people facing beacause they have no support from ur side and financial conditions also not good plz let all do knowledge fight. not only sc st but plz notice middle class to

Manoj kumari 2 days 3 घंटे पहले

Mahatma Gandhi is a national reformer national leader rastrpitha of India .he did a lot of efforts to make freedom to us.his nonviolence is such type of weapon by which he success to rid of country from Britain rules
Gandhi ji spoken always truth &never told lie
when he was a student he did not copy other student after saying his teacher.wherther he failed but he choosed the path of truth.
we also should the nonviolence & truth both great opinions of Gandhi ji in our life. we ought to respect