Mann Ki Baat - Prime Minister’s Radio Programme on November 25, 2018

Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi's address to the nation - #MannKiBaat on All India Radio was held on November 25, 2018.

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इस बात के लिए टिप्पणियाँ बंद हो गईं।
Rahul Maheshwari 1 year 6 महीने पहले

Pls talk on air pollution in contry as well as the helping sugation to the public of are Nation.

I also wants to share a suggestion on this topic on safe from air pollution every day the people don't use the vechal of an 2hr in a day and the time should be made by government in this all in city vechal free and it help to us for protect our contry people supposed the time set 12:30pm to 1: 30pm hole city vechal not be no road if they found they will pay fine on that and fine will 1000 rs

Stella Howell 1 year 6 महीने पहले

I welcome the opportunity to send this message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Kindly advise who we need to contact in India from the UK since illegally our Ancesteral property has been demolished. A stop needs to be put on the land. Could one of your Departments kindly handle this matter urgently. Look forward to your reply. Thank you.

RAMA RANI 1 year 6 महीने पहले

प्रधान मंत्री जी भारत का संविधान सबको अपने इष्ट को अपने तरीके से पूजने की बात कहता है पर जो शबरीमाला के साथ हो रहा है वो किसी एक स्मूदस्य की भावनाओं को आहत क्र रहा है आपको जरूर बोलना चाहिएकी किसी के धर्म में किसी का हस्तक्षेप न होबड़ा दुखद है लोग कचहरी के फैसले से बहुत आहत हुए हैंये एक वर्ग पर ज्यादती हैऐसी बात पर कुछ कहना चाहिए राम मंदिर का मसला पुरानाहो गया।बड़ी शर्म की बात हैहिन्दू कमज़ोर हैंउनकी नहीं मानी जाती सिख या मुस्लिम अब तक कर चुके होते कोई बोलता भी नहीं।कब तक अन्याय होता रहेगा।कुछ हो

dinesh chandra 1 year 6 महीने पहले

दिपावली फीकी,ना नये कपड़े, ना नये जूते, ना चौपड़ा पूजन और ना ही साल मुबारक,सब कुछ वि पी सिंह तबाह करके गये। पर सच बोलता हूं, आप से व्यापारी वर्ग को एक उम्मीद जागी है कि ये लीडर अपनी नीडरता से फिर से चौपड़ा पूजन और साल मुबारक का तोहफा देशवासियों को देगा। वो एप्रिल फूल बना कर चले गये, पर आने वाली पीढी और देशवासी सालों साल आप को दिल से दुआ देंगे। जय भारत,जय भारतीय।

Sudhir Kumar Midha 1 year 6 महीने पहले

Nowadays there is no Pension for the private sector & public sector employee . Social life of old age persons is going to be very bad .Whole life we are paying income tax . After retirement there is support/ money to survive . I suggest, please waive off income tax for the persons getting retire from his/her job at least five year before the date of retirement.With this saved money he can arrange marriage of his children or he can save some money for survival .

Deependra Agrawal 1 year 6 महीने पहले

Dear PM, Our India has 130 Crore people and if we all dream for anything then we can achieve it. A leader can lead the dream. I really admire of your 'Swaccha Bharat' dream and it really made big impact. If we can dedicate one year for each of the below then we can achieve it. When you are PM for next 5 years, please make below your dream:
1. Remove corruption at any cost, at any level.
2. Healthy India
3. Quality Education to everyone
4. Strong Economy
5. Administration / Public service

Ravindra Ramappa 1 year 6 महीने पहले

Sir, We have to seriously control the population. Also, people who cannot afford to look after themselves should be educated so that they just don't produce children and leave them on the streets, and then complain what the country is doing for them, they don't have money to pay the medical bills or food to eat....etc, etc. People below the poverty line must be thoroughly educated & employed so that first they can stand on their own feet, before producing any children.