UMANG App Volunteer Tester Survey

End Date: 
Last Date Oct 26,2020 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

1. Background/About UMANG App

The UMANG app which was launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister on November 23, 2017 currently has more than 1000+ services live on UMANG App and a Help Desk Center (Toll Free Number is 1800-11-5246) is established to manage User queries/grievances with regards to UMANG. Various Government departments of Centre, State, Local bodies and Corporate are the service providers to the end-users on UMANG. The applications of these departments are diverse in terms of implementation and technology stack used. UMANG solution involves three layers UMANG Client Apps – Android, iOS, Windows, Web and KaiOS (Reliance Jio Phone), UMANG Backend connected to Service Providers’ (currently Government Departments) backend applications. In addition, Hon’ble Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad on 1st July 2020 have launched new version of UMANG App for Android users.
UMANG is becoming Aggregator of aggregators - Farmers, Students, Employees, Patients/Hospitals, Women/Child, Youth, Bill Payments and DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) are the main categories or segments of society benefited apart from many others.

2. Objective/Methodology

With a Goal to have constant improvement and development on UMANG App, we would like to invite volunteers as a tester for various features of UMANG App and let us know the valuable feedbacks and bugs time to time. The selected Volunteers may be given the specific features of UMANG App for Alpha testing from time to time.

3. Suggested Eligibility Criteria

Engineering Student of Computer Science/Electronics or Software professionals, Also anyone who is passionate in Mobile App development/testing may register as Volunteer testers for UMANG Mobile App.
The selected registered volunteers may be given the specific features of UMANG for Alpha testing from time to time.

4. Contest Structure

Once we receive the volunteer participation as a tester for UMANG App, we will shortlist volunteers based on their experience, Interest and Qualification. Those who have been selected will be contacted by UMANG Team for assignment.

5. Outcomes and Awards

The volunteer whose suggestions/feedback is accepted will be given suitable recognition by way of Certificate. No other claim for IPR, remuneration etc. shall be acceptable.

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