Live Talk with Dr Najma Heptulla on #TransformingIndia

MyGov is organising a series of Talks on #TransformingIndia with Union Ministers to share the impact of various government initiatives across sectors. On 7th June 2016, Union Minister for Minority Affairs, Dr Najma Heptulla will interact live with citizens at 7PM.

Citizens are invited to share their ideas and post their questions on MyGov using the hashtag #TransformingIndia.

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Sandip Rahane 3 years 11 months ago

Madam, Law should b changed for muslims. Make indian laws applicable to them to stop illegal things, divorces in the community.

anju panday Betiyan Foundation 3 years 11 months ago

mam we are lucky to talk you. my question is, those people are living on the road in Jhuggi Jhopri, their girls are facing the main problem who is going to college but they dont have the toilet. if they are illegal while they live before 30/40 years in the same place even then toilet faciliy did not provided to them. saying authorized people that they are illegal. can we do something for them. pl. guide us

SARVESH KADUKAR 3 years 11 months ago

Mam, Most of the minorities perticurly muslim are less educated and if they are educated, they persue their education in urduor other cultural language and therefore are unable to read other languages which is daily use in our country. This create some hinderace with other society . The children of this communities should get education through regular way along with there cultural language. This thing change situation of that community.

Santosh Kumar padhy 3 years 11 months ago

We have so many programs running by central govt. and all are excellent programs. We need to make sure that all the benefits of these programs must reach to every house of ech village. We also need to make sure each house has one source of income and each source of income must be alligned of one of the program for an example a farmer has source of income should purchase the Fasal BIma Yojana. I am not able to post all contents.I will continue in second submission.