Video conference with State Education secretaries and State Informatics Officers regarding the New Education Policy

The objective of the consultation process for the New Education Policy is to ensure that an inclusive, participatory and holistic approach is undertaken encompassing expert opinions, field experiences, empirical research, stakeholder feedback as well as lessons learned from the best practices. While past consultative processes have been extensive, they have taken a top-down approach, depending on the limited feedback from field workers and stakeholders on the ground who are responsible for implementing the New Education Policy. Further, they have been theme based, with discussions being held in silos. This video conference is being held to explain the core objective and workflow of the consultation process of the New Education Policy to all the stakeholders viz state education secretaries and state informatics officers, together.

Date and Time: June 25, 2015, 11am to 12 noon.

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Rajendra Patidar Add DIO 4 years 11 months ago

There should be state level Video Conferencing among Secretary Education, Secretary Rural Dev., Secretary Urban development, Secretary IT, SIO, All Collectors and All DIOs.

Rajendra Patidar Add DIO 4 years 11 months ago

Would you please now please enumerate the process flow pointwise?
And would you please enumerate the Roles of DIOs?