Ideas on changing Government rules and regulations for easing lives of citizens

One of the important endeavors of the present government has been to improve the 'Ease of Living'. In simple words, this means that the citizen-government interface, in matters of ...

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One of the important endeavors of the present government has been to improve the 'Ease of Living'. In simple words, this means that the citizen-government interface, in matters of daily routine, must be made as seamless as possible and as citizen friendly as possible. Among other things, this has translated into reforming many rules and regulations and in an overwhelming number of cases completely doing away with such antediluvian rules which had not only outlived their utility, but in many cases were frankly anti-people. The mandate has been clear - between the citizens and the governments, the rules and processes must defer to ensuring the ease of living of citizens.

Consider for example the earlier rule of seeking gazetted officers attestation to validate one's documents before appearing in exams. That rule is now history. Trusting the citizens was the mandate and self-attestation is now the new rule. Or consider the move to scrap interviews for non-gazetted Group D, C and B government jobs. In one stroke the entire industry of 'recommendations' has been shut down and pure merit has become the norm.

What are other such outdated and ill-conceived rules, regulations or practices that hinder the normal day to day lived experience of the people? In day-to-day governance issues what are the processes or system that can be simplified or simply done away with? Which are processes that serve the exact opposite purpose they are intended to serve? Rules, regulations and laws that serve no useful social purpose but merely create unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy and therefore need to go?

MyGov invites citizens, members of civil society, journalists, students, teachers, police officers, government employees, Parliamentarians, academics experts, bureaucrats, social media influencers, Think Tanks and all other interested people to give their considered view on the subject.

You may submit your opinion by either writing in the comment box below, or by attaching a PDF document, or through a Youtube video.

The last date for submitting your opinion is 30th January, 2018.

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PRAMOD SINGH's picture

PRAMOD SINGH 2 weeks 4 days ago minister is taking money in every transfer of officer. Not follow transfer left vacant.promoted officers are not system are disrupted.people are suffering.corruption is high.please take care of it.people are abusing Modijee.I can not bear it.

anuj garg's picture

anuj garg 2 weeks 4 days ago

Sir Reservation is the biggest barrier in our countries growth,many of the talents are left behind to reservation process.Also if it shud be there ,it shud be on economic and merit basis and not on social basis.Secondly in my consideration Police shud be taken under union subject as curruption is increasing the heights. I find it so weird that during any mass voilence or protests ,thousands of people are killed ,property destroyed but I find the policemen doing nothing aa if they have no power.

Rohit Rajkumar Lohiya's picture

Rohit Rajkumar Lohiya 2 weeks 4 days ago

I fill very proude to have P.M. like you...You made India proude on national and international forums.
The thing which not only I but many like me expect from an capable P.M. like you is to implement that the 'reservations should be based on economical conditions, and not by cast only'.Because I have the personal experience of a rich person from reserved class got all facilities but an poor student who don't even afford to pay his hostel accomodation has to pay all tution fees.

KALESHWAR's picture

KALESHWAR 2 weeks 4 days ago

Respected sir common people are cheated at Petrol pump. Petrol pipe used to fill petrol at petrol pump should be transparent to avoid mischief done by petrol pump worker


HARDIKKUMAR VYAS 2 weeks 4 days ago

Dear Modiji as rupee devalue continuesly please do re-demonetisation old rupee to new rupee by the exchange value of old 100 rupee to 1 new rupee so price of every products and services will be divided by 100. for example ex product price of 100 old rupee it will convert to 1 new rupee.1 paisa 2 paisa 5 paisa 10 paisa 25 paisa 50 paisa 1 rupee coin should be reintroduce. new rupee note 1 2 5 10 20 50 100 rupee note. we should implement minimum wage of 10 new rupee per day. please do this.

Arnab Sarkar's picture

Arnab Sarkar 2 weeks 4 days ago

Dear Mr. Prime minister: Congratulations on 4 years of wonderful work. I hope and wish you get another 5 years to transform India.
I have one suggestion please: Can aadhar be linked to our inheritance law and be made acceptable by banks and other financial/govt institutions ?
Say I link my daughter's aadhar to my aadhar, which then simply becomes one document as a proof of inheritance?
Thanks and regards

Debajyoti Chakraborty's picture

Debajyoti Chakraborty 2 weeks 4 days ago

Dear PM Sir,namaskar...first of all let me tell you that you have done tremendous work for the nation.. thank u very much.. according to authentic history,India always had skilled workers in various field like steel,copper,bronze artisans.. please make a platform of giving skilled based engineering degree for those assets.. this is already available in other country.. Ceramic is also a field where we can be world leader..we need ur support.. give people recognization with degrees..