Share ideas on how to celebrate 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

In his Mann Ki Baat address on 25th March 2018, PM Narendra Modi invited Citizens to share ideas on how to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's 150th Birth Anniversary on MyGov. What are the ...

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In his Mann Ki Baat address on 25th March 2018, PM Narendra Modi invited Citizens to share ideas on how to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's 150th Birth Anniversary on MyGov. What are the different initiatives which can be taken up across the country? What are the new ideas which can be taken up? Share your thoughts here!

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Asha S B's picture

Asha S B 4 hours 27 minutes ago

Sir according to me 150 th Mahatma Gandhi s anniversary should make India safer for all the women and girl babies. From that day onwards it should be a rape free India.Please take a massive step on rape issues. Strength our mind and body with your law to protect us.


DHARMADURAI S 9 hours 7 minutes ago

What kind of idea you ask us to share , Even in my great nation , there is no security for womens and childrens,

Even during the PM's london visit , Our PM statements hurt million of people in India "Rape is an Rape , What government can do in that? dont politicise this matter- Modi ji"
"One small incident of rape being a cause for billion of dollors of revenue loss via tourism -Arun Jetley(Finance Minister)"

Even gandhi will feel shame on us, then what is their to celebrate?

Rishi_31's picture

Rishi_31 14 hours 47 minutes ago


2 questions:

- whenever any big car like BMW or mercedes and/or person driving expensive bikes breaks traffic signal or do over-speeding / without helmets, why the traffic policeman standing at signal looks helpless and why they don't have challaning authority to impose heavy fines for violating traffic roles ? I feel that they should be empowered along with improved training.

- In construction sector, any possibility of organizing the sand (used in construction) ?

Thank you

Rajat Misra's picture

Rajat Misra 15 hours 57 minutes ago

Nominate 150 villages in each state to be made into model smart village. Open a Gandhi asharam for senior citizens in each district. An alternate energy plant in each district. Construct roads using recycled waste technology call them Swach Gandhi roads.Ban use of polythene and paper bags and replace with jute and Khadi bags.Distribute bicycles to girls in school. Release all prisoner with good conduct.

Apsingh 64321's picture

Apsingh 64321 19 hours 50 minutes ago

यदि हम बापू जी को सच्ची श्रधांजलि देना चाहते है तो हमें लोगों को बापू जी के विचारों से अवगत कराना होगा
जैसे - बापू जी कहते थे कि हम सभी को एक साथ बिना किसी भेद भाव के रहना चाहिए , चाहे कोई हिन्दू ,मुस्लिम ,शिख ,इसाई या दलित ही क्यों ना हो हमें एकजुट रहकर भारत के विकाश में योगदान देना चाहिए / यदि हम सभी को जोड़ने में कामयाव हो जाते है तो ये सबसे अच्छी श्रधांजलि होगी /

Parul Chaturvedi's picture

Parul Chaturvedi 22 hours 58 minutes ago

This time let's forget different parties,logos,colours and get ready in white colour dress code with only one identification ie Indian. Flag badge can be used. Also this new party is not Congress nor BJP, etc but Indian so logo in every brochure, invite,will be our flag. That's the way we all can together celebrate this day.
It will also give a message to all that no matter which group cast community we belong, our strength is our unity. And we are Indian first. One name One colour One soul.

Saroj vikas singh's picture

Saroj vikas singh 1 day 3 hours ago

Goodevening sir,,,,,

Swacha bharat ke antargat,,we can use to wearkhadi vastra and plan wooden sliper(not the branded).we can give or ptomote to use pure wooden or leather chappals which was made by india only(made in india)......