Logo Design Contest for Agartala Smart City

Agartala Smart City Limited invites entries for designing a logo for Agartala Smart City. ...

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Last Date- Jun 01,2018 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Agartala Smart City Limited invites entries for designing a logo for Agartala Smart City.

Agartala, the capital of the Tripura is the second largest city in Northeast India and one of the fastest developing cities in India.
To the tourists Agartala offers a lot of various activities including beautiful landscapes, gardens, hills, temples and lakes etc. For those who reside and work here, Agartala has a quality about it that makes even the heart of a bustling downtown feel like home. Visitors are drawn from all over the globe to enjoy the numerous cultural attractions. All this and much more is what attracts tourists to visit this city over and over again. Agartala is a city that is filled with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Agartala has been selected under Round 2 of Smart Cities Mission, India. Agartala Smart City Limited invites all the citizens to participate in logo design competition for Agartala Smart City. It is an innovative initiative that should reflect Agartala Smart city’s wide concept, awareness of citizens and overall city picture with its historical value.

Terms and Conditions
-No plagiarism will be allowed
-All kind of groups can participate
-Citizens from all age groups can participate.
-The last date to submit entries is 31st May, 2018

Technical Parameters
-Submission Format: JPEG or Hard Copy

The logo of the winning entries shall be property of Agartala Smart City Limited and they shall have rights to use the logo

Please ensure to clearly mention your name, address, email-id and telephone number at the end of your document.

Prize Money: 1st Prize – Rs 5,000, 2nd Prize – 3,000, 3rd Prize 2,000 (Along with the aforementioned cash prizes, certificates to all the winners will also be awarded)

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