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Lifestyle for Environment - LiFE

About the LiFE Campaign

Environmental degradation and climate change are global phenomena where actions in one part of the world impact ecosystems and populations across the globe. Estimates suggest that if requisite action is not taken against the changing environment, approximately 3 billion people globally could experience chronic water scarcity. The global economy could lose up to 18% of GDP by 2050.

Over the last two decades, several macro measures have been implemented globally to address environmental degradation and climate change, including policy reforms, economic incentives and regulations. Despite their enormous potential, actions required at the level of individuals, communities and institutions have received limited attention.

Changing individual and community behaviour alone can make a significant dent in the environmental and climate crises. According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), if one billion people out of the global population of eight billion adopt environment-friendly behaviours in their daily lives, global carbon emissions could drop by approximately 20 per cent.

Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi

In this context, the concept of ‘Lifestyle for the Environment (LiFE) was introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at COP26 in Glasgow on 1st November 2021, calling upon the global community of individuals and institutions to drive LiFE as an international mass movement towards “mindful and deliberate utilisation, instead of mindless and destructive consumption” to protect and preserve the environment. LiFE puts individual and collective duty on everyone to live a life that is in tune with Earth and does not harm it. Those who practice such a lifestyle are recognised as Pro Planet People under LiFE.

Changing our lifestyle, however, is not easy. Our habits are deeply ingrained in our daily lives and are continually reinforced through several elements of our environment. Translating our intention to do good for the environment is not always easy to translate into action. However, it is not impossible. By taking one action at a time and making one change daily, we can change our lifestyle and inculcate long-term environment-friendly habits. Studies suggest that practising an action for a minimum of 21 days helps make it a habit.

In that context, the LiFE 21-Day Challenge is launched to enable Indians to take one simple environment-friendly action per day for 21 days and eventually develop an environment-friendly lifestyle. It is a challenge to change one small thing in your life daily and become Pro Planet People.

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