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Tune in to 101st Episode of Mann Ki Baat by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 28th May 2023

Tune in to 101st Episode of Mann Ki Baat by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 28th May 2023

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Joseph Manickam 1 year 1 month ago

Hon'ble PM
The name change in the Government Gazette will not only generate money of not less than 10000 crores but also will eradicate caste in name and A great social status for women to be identified with their birth and not with marriage.
This will have debate of pros and cons but nothing is changed with out a beginning thanks and wishes for your ambitious inauguration of the new people's voice station - The Parliament

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SURESH KUMAR GURUSAMY 1 year 1 month ago

Namaste sir. World Yoga Day have been announced by UN because of your efforts. you have made it to improve the physical and mental health of country people. not only for India, it's for Whole world. For Higher Education Institutions,UGC chairman announced and sent circulars to improve the physical and mental health of students and staff. Even though, the Higher Education Institutions have not yet implemented. They are doing only for name shake. I request you to form Special commitees to check whether Yoga practices are implemented. This is the need for the hour. Yoga day wishes sir. Jai hind.

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JOHAN DHANAKUMAR 1 year 1 month ago

Most Respected PMJI
Kindly accept our hearty congratulations for the new Parliament building that has been constructed under the Gracious PMJI. This building reflects the soul of our democracy and meets the aspirations of every Indian. We feel very proud of the building which is the Temple of Democracy. What the earlier regimes could not achieve has been turned into a reality.
We salute your steely resolve and forward looking approach to any issue .

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Joseph Manickam 1 year 1 month ago

Joseph kanagathara manickam - Tamil Nadu
My wishes for new parliament.
My iIdea :
Heeraben - the one word can be the idea to empower women and mankind holistically.
Your mother has lived 100 years and it should be a great tribute to institute a law which will be followed across India and G20 Nations.
This program's 100 and Heeraben should coincide with a resolution of empowerment and logical revenue .
Every individual should not have an initial .
His or Her name should be followed by mother's name and should be followed by father's name.
Recently the initial or surname for the status of caste classification took an ugly turn of protests in Meghalaya.
When a temple is identified with the tower... each individual is the tower and the inside of the temple is mother and the foundation is father.
Now this will create revenue from all the state stationary and printing department, newspapers , passport office and many more for people to get the name changed.
A revenue of 10000 crore.

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Varridemudubabu 1 year 1 month ago

Please observe the provisions of 33A of RBI master directions reproduced in the office memorandum of department of expenditure MOF Gov of India S-11012/2/3/(17)/RBI/2015/RBD/2053-2039dtd 30.10.2016 are communicated / advised sbi general manager in their letter 000381/5.7.2022 as required OM from SBi kothavalasa branch 0673 for opening Government account of such entity

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RAMESHKULKARNI 1 year 1 month ago

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SURESH KUMAR GURUSAMY 1 year 1 month ago

Namaste sir. Through Various Initiatives you have made our tourism very easier. More Airports and more Railway stations have been constructed with facilities in all over the country. My suggestion is to start Enquiry centre which should consists of the people who knows multi languages. it may be named NAMASTE BHARATH. Definitely the people will remember you in their travel and overcome the language difference. Please speak sir. Jai hind.

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snigdha sunkara 1 year 1 month ago

i would request you to observe the potholes , this is the most happening problem in the Hyderabad city. so i have a suggestion for this problem , my solution is going to reduce pollution as well as potholes

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Jayeshkumar Chandulal Panchiwala 1 year 1 month ago

लोगों में एथिक्स बढ़े ऐसा कुछ सुनने को मिले तो मजा आ जायेगा