Tune in to Mann Ki Baat by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 29th January 2023

Tune in to Mann Ki Baat by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 29th January 2023

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Anurag Shukla 4 months 5 days ago

India should start making documentary films like that of BBC on British rule incidences over India, War crime of America in Vietnam, Iraq & many more countries so that US should not feel champion of Human Rights.

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Shriyam 4 months 5 days ago

Respected sir,
My problem is:- I belong to a low-middle income family and since I am in std.10 I have many plans for my future but I am confused that whether I will be able to fulfill it because there are no scholarships available for us. I don't get any scholarships because my father files his income tax returns every year. Everyone sees about filing of return but no one bothers to see it that why my father do so. He only do so for his return of TDS money and questionnaire from income tax department.
BPL people can receive scholarships easily and rich people can afford loans and can repay the interest rates easily but what about the ones whose income is just 200000 per year.They can neither get any scholarships because their parents file income tax returns and &nor they can afford loans because of high interest rates. So I want to know what plans do you have for people like us who are neither too poor nor rich enough for availing loans?
Please look after this issue also.

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SATYAPALYADAV 4 months 5 days ago

आदरणीय प्रधानमंत्री मोदी जी सरकारी कर्मचारी की NPS को बंद करके पुरानी पेंशन चालू करने की कृपया करे जिससे कर्मचारीयो का बुढ़ापे मे उनका गुजरा चलता रहे

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Sridevi V 4 months 5 days ago

Pls increase the salary of teachers based on the initiatives like events , workshops, guidance and curricular activities. A perfect appraisal system for all teachers of cbse board. This will give points to the teachers who take initiative for betterment of school b students

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ShivSinha 4 months 5 days ago

Respected PM, I am retired Brigadier R P Singh, veteran of 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. I took part in the war from 26 March to 16 December ,1971. Pak army committed worst genocide. During 257 days I performed different tasks - commanded a company on Indo-East Pakistan Border from 26 March to 20 April 1971, from 21 April till 26 June refugee camps. From 1 July to 30 November 1971 I was instructor in the ‘Officers Training Wing’ of Mukti Bahini, in West Bengal where more than 100 Bangladesh officers were trained including Shaheed Captain Sheikh Kamal, brother of Bangladesh PM, Sheikh Hasina, During war from3-16 December, I volunteered and commanded a Mukti Bahini wing consisting 850 Guerrillas and liberated large Territory in Rangpur Sector. Hindu killing’s in J&K was similar to that of Bangladesh genocide in 1971. My book ‘From East Pakistan to Bangladesh’ describes major events in Indian-sub continent from 15 August 1947 till end 1971. May I present book personally. Regards-RPS.

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VinayKumarB 4 months 5 days ago

My suggestions in regard of climate change discussion should be made aware to public and to discuss the TOWN VILLAGE ENTREPRENEURSHIP of Japan model to increase the GDP of Country in these inflation time. And to set a benchmark in positive growth of country where the situation leading to recession...
I hope these points will be highlighted by Hon. Prime Minister sir.

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Rajasekar M 4 months 5 days ago

Housing for all and education for all, freedom from hunger and employment for all. A drug free India. This is the real celebration.