Ideas on changing Government rules and regulations for easing lives of citizens

One of the important endeavors of the present government has been to improve the 'Ease of Living'. In simple words, this means that the citizen-government interface, in matters of ...

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One of the important endeavors of the present government has been to improve the 'Ease of Living'. In simple words, this means that the citizen-government interface, in matters of daily routine, must be made as seamless as possible and as citizen friendly as possible. Among other things, this has translated into reforming many rules and regulations and in an overwhelming number of cases completely doing away with such antediluvian rules which had not only outlived their utility, but in many cases were frankly anti-people. The mandate has been clear - between the citizens and the governments, the rules and processes must defer to ensuring the ease of living of citizens.

Consider for example the earlier rule of seeking gazetted officers attestation to validate one's documents before appearing in exams. That rule is now history. Trusting the citizens was the mandate and self-attestation is now the new rule. Or consider the move to scrap interviews for non-gazetted Group D, C and B government jobs. In one stroke the entire industry of 'recommendations' has been shut down and pure merit has become the norm.

What are other such outdated and ill-conceived rules, regulations or practices that hinder the normal day to day lived experience of the people? In day-to-day governance issues what are the processes or system that can be simplified or simply done away with? Which are processes that serve the exact opposite purpose they are intended to serve? Rules, regulations and laws that serve no useful social purpose but merely create unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy and therefore need to go?

MyGov invites citizens, members of civil society, journalists, students, teachers, police officers, government employees, Parliamentarians, academics experts, bureaucrats, social media influencers, Think Tanks and all other interested people to give their considered view on the subject.

You may submit your opinion by either writing in the comment box below, or by attaching a PDF document, or through a Youtube video.

The last date for submitting your opinion is 30th January, 2018.

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SHA NAWAS's picture

SHA NAWAS 1 hour 7 minutes ago

COW CULTURE in Hindutva Principles. If eating COW of certain DNA types is not good, then kindly propagate that to Americans, Europeans and Chinese. Anything good should be taught and propagated to all human beings. It should not be restrained to just 15% of the world population. I see eminent Hindutva Preachers conducting Cow Conference in USA, Europe. But mostly the ideas are getting shared with the Indians who are living there.

SHA NAWAS's picture

SHA NAWAS 1 hour 12 minutes ago

Dear Sir, I asked some information about NEET exam from the CBSE. For two questions, they said there is no data. I cant imagine a big nation like ours cant have a small data. Kindly see the attached file as the proof for my request. Kindly introduce a penalty scheme for the officers who dont respond rightly. The answer to my query is just a "Search" click in the excel file or the database.

Akshay Pagare's picture

Akshay Pagare 3 hours 19 minutes ago

Respected PM Modi sir, I am hereby with lot of hope to suggest you about indian railways, as today a railway incident happened that a hightension wire falls on 2 railway bogies, so i want to suggest you that please conduct an audit of all hightension wires to be in place to avoid such incidents. Suggestion is very small but please take it seriously. Thank you.

Rajat Misra's picture

Rajat Misra 5 hours 28 minutes ago

Linking of adhaar with near family members to identify family chain and prevent unnecessary documentation. Adhaar of a person to have link with father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, children. PAN number linking to be done in similar manner. Apart from financial instruments all registration of property and vehicle to be linked to adhaar. In the adhaar portal give the user facility to add and link with upload of essential documents.

Rajat Misra's picture

Rajat Misra 5 hours 40 minutes ago

A single window system needs to be established for all citizen activities. Today a citizen has to run to different offices to pay dues & give complaints. There needs to be integration of all office and duplication needs to be stopped. One website portal needs to be created that offers all solution in one place from application, payment, complaints. There need to be one helpline number which give solution. Present procedures are complicated,time consuming,inefficient,waste man hours,long ques.

Dipankar Das's picture

Dipankar Das 14 hours 30 minutes ago

Namaskar Sir,
Isnt that possible to provide power to our villagers without interruption during night hours and make some strict law that there will be no power cuts during night hours in our villages in this way ease of living of our villages little bit change.

samsher singh's picture

samsher singh 16 hours 44 minutes ago

Dear Modi ji
ek khurafati idea hai put a ceiling on maximum property/money/gold etc say 10 crore. Isse hoga ye ki
1-income disparity will reduce
2- Corruption will decrease as people cannot keep more than that