Idea-Box on- Good Governance Practice In A Pandemic

Last Date Dec 01,2020 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

The enormity of the situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic invites – or rather forces – a reflection on the nature and effectiveness of our systems of governance. And ...

The enormity of the situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic invites – or rather forces – a reflection on the nature and effectiveness of our systems of governance. And not just of health systems, but more broadly the governance of issues in a Pandemic.

Governance, is frequently used to refer to certain positive attributes organizations and institutions (often public institutions) should incorporate. These attributes include some concepts such as:
• Transparency
• Accountability
• Control of corruption
• Efficiency
• Inclusiveness
• Rule of law

This manner of understanding governance, often also referred to as “good governance”, suggests that effective governance is about setting rules and incentives such as enforceable orders, directives or recommendations. Through these, the behaviours of a substantial number of individuals in the group of interest are steered in a direction that is conducive to achieving collective goals.
In the current situation with the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the central governance issues have been facing a number of challenges. The coronavirus pandemic is here and its effects on lives are still unimaginable. It has opened eyes to the limitations we have to generate effective governance in the face of a public health crisis.

To address the challenges, the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances have operationalized the ‘Idea-Box’ for receiving Ideas and Suggestions on the topic “Good Governance Practice in a Pandemic” with effect from 02.11.2020.

You can share your submissions only in PDF format.

Idea-box is operational for the period of one month and will close on 01.12.2020.

The Department looks forward to your ideas and suggestions on “Good Governance Practice in a Pandemic” in the Idea-Box hosted here.

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ANTHOSH SHANKAR SAVVASE 1 hour 33 minutes ago

My good governance practice in a pandemic to the governments are as follows
i). Continue work form home in maximum sector because it leads to time saving,pollution from vehicles and increase the working times and so on
ii). Made the education qualification to all different type of election in India upto any degree from recognize university because it helps to increase efficiency in work form members elect form citizen of India and also proffer governments scheme transfer to citizen.

Durlove Tripathy 1 hour 34 minutes ago

Great My Gov app... it's a Unique, lerling and Happy with Awernes... with best regards, DR. Durlove Tripathy. Government of West Bengal, Fire and emergency Department with Peace, Humanity work with various types of social work and Frontline Covid 19 warrior....My Email Address... 🙏

Manohara Mukunda 1 hour 45 minutes ago

The holistic medical treatment data for Pandemic and Chronic ailment (from Ayurvedic, Allopathic, Homeopathy etc.) should become available to general public through technology platforms of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Agents Assistance (BOT). Need to focus on acquiring such data holistically; and with available data providing it as public generic health service to improve society health factor. So, people can use their mobile to avail services on pandemic and chronic ailments.

Sobha Nair 1 hour 54 minutes ago

Identify jobs that can be done 100% from home. Make work from home a norm and a rule that every organization needs to implement to get tax exemption. This should include all govt offices as well. They use some of the most archaic systems
World needs lesser crowd on roads, lesser vehicles to control pollution. Every state to hv 24hrs power and internet connection. Smaller offices would mean lesser number of greedy builders and businesses

Priyanka Roy 2 hours 5 minutes ago

To stay safe in the pandemic, we are following certain guideline. But it's very important to know the reason behind, why we have to wash hands with soap and water to stay safe. Thus I made video to explain the science behind the precautions. That will increase scientific awarnes. As virus envelope is made of lipid biliyer and how soap and water break that bonding, by making hydrophobic tail and hydrophillic head. Please watch... Thank you

Vaishali niwariya 2 hours 37 minutes ago

It is found that 90% of the the spreading is done by 10% of the person call super spreders. The suggestion is mainly for the Government employees who work is rural location keeping their families and neighbours City medical needs. Very good

Balakrishna Bhat 3 hours 5 minutes ago

It is found that 90% of the spreading is done by 10 % of the persons called super- spreaders. We should focus on them and such behaviors and curtail their freedom if needed . This action is as powerful as vaccinating the whole world in one go with a vaccine having 90% efficacy. It as effective as the whole world wearing a N 90 leak proof mask all 24 hours. It is as powerful as locking down the whole world totally 90% of the time.

Ramesh 3 hours 5 minutes ago

This suggestion is mainly for the government employees who work in a rural location keeping their family in a nearby city for medical needs or kids educational needs or any other personal reasons. Especially those who have their family settled in a city that is badly affected by COVID-19 and/or with senior citizens in their family. please refer to the attached file for details.

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