Ideas on changing Government rules and regulations for easing lives of citizens

One of the important endeavors of the present government has been to improve the 'Ease of Living'. In simple words, this means that the citizen-government interface, in matters of ...

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One of the important endeavors of the present government has been to improve the 'Ease of Living'. In simple words, this means that the citizen-government interface, in matters of daily routine, must be made as seamless as possible and as citizen friendly as possible. Among other things, this has translated into reforming many rules and regulations and in an overwhelming number of cases completely doing away with such antediluvian rules which had not only outlived their utility, but in many cases were frankly anti-people. The mandate has been clear - between the citizens and the governments, the rules and processes must defer to ensuring the ease of living of citizens.

Consider for example the earlier rule of seeking gazetted officers attestation to validate one's documents before appearing in exams. That rule is now history. Trusting the citizens was the mandate and self-attestation is now the new rule. Or consider the move to scrap interviews for non-gazetted Group D, C and B government jobs. In one stroke the entire industry of 'recommendations' has been shut down and pure merit has become the norm.

What are other such outdated and ill-conceived rules, regulations or practices that hinder the normal day to day lived experience of the people? In day-to-day governance issues what are the processes or system that can be simplified or simply done away with? Which are processes that serve the exact opposite purpose they are intended to serve? Rules, regulations and laws that serve no useful social purpose but merely create unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy and therefore need to go?

MyGov invites citizens, members of civil society, journalists, students, teachers, police officers, government employees, Parliamentarians, academics experts, bureaucrats, social media influencers, Think Tanks and all other interested people to give their considered view on the subject.

You may submit your opinion by either writing in the comment box below, or by attaching a PDF document, or through a Youtube video.

The last date for submitting your opinion is 26th July, 2018.

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Vikram Singh's picture

Vikram Singh 16 minutes 39 sec ago

एक जीवित मनुष्ये को अपनी पेंशन लेने के लिए भी, जीवित प्रमाण प्रत्र की आवयशकता अनिवार्ये हे जबकि वो साक्षात सामने कड़ा हे, इस डिजिटल जमाने में ( आधार कार्ड में सारी सुचना मौजूद हे ) उसकी अगुठे व् आखो से उसके जीवित होने का वेरिफिकेशन किया जा सकता हे उसके बावजूद भी एक बुजुर्ग को जीवित प्रमाण प्रत्र के लिए धक्के खाने पड़ते हे

Siddhartha singh bhadauriya's picture

Siddhartha singh bhadauriya 17 minutes 9 sec ago

I just want to know what a father should do if he visits a family for the marriage of his daughter and that family demands 12 lakhs instead the boy is working in police..I am not able to understand what to do really...Please answer anyone....?

Hrishi's picture

Hrishi 28 minutes 17 sec ago

Dear Sir
As all citizens feels obtaining a driving license without an agent is very hard. All system is designed so by transport department that if I want to obtain it honestly then they will ask me to come for six months day after day.If I go through agent ,it will soon.Agents are available in same campus. My suggestion is to regularize these agent and give them authorized license. It will create employment too.Like LIC agent.It will smooth whole process


HARESH LALWANI 36 minutes 50 sec ago

Sir, For betterment of public, please remove the use of words "KOTWALI" and "THANA" in all states of India and use :"Police Chowky" and "Police Station" instead.These words definitely crate good impact on public.Regards.

govind parashar's picture

govind parashar 1 hour 4 minutes ago

there should some buses from keshav nagar to piraghari, because there are many citizens who trevels from keshav nagar, nathupura and burari area to piraghari in morning and in evening time, people face many problems to go there.

Sachin Rao's picture

Sachin Rao 1 hour 50 minutes ago

Hon'able PM sir,
Sharing some thoughts for ease of voter ID,

1) Centralised Voter ID Online registration - for creation, deletion Or update in the same. This will eliminate all fraudulent Voter IDs as well. If this is used in combination with Aadhar number, it will eliminate all duplicate Voter IDs/ cases where people have more than one Voter ID
2) A center-run Voter ID seva kendra just like passport seva kendra - that can help in people's grievances/ get Voter ID asap

Arbinder's picture

Arbinder 3 hours 26 minutes ago

My self arbinder I think govt have also make some special and specific health insurance which provides them health benefits in emergency health issues and govt also can plan for pensions plan which give benefits both sides