Inviting creative ideas and suggestions to make India, the Skill Capital of the world

Inviting creative ideas and suggestions to make India the Skill Capital of the world
Last Date Sep 17,2021 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

The youth of India are the torchbearers of tomorrow, fueling the nation’s growth with their creativity, skills, and innovative mindset. The participation of youth, in addition to ...

The youth of India are the torchbearers of tomorrow, fueling the nation’s growth with their creativity, skills, and innovative mindset. The participation of youth, in addition to the demographic division we enjoy, will be crucial as we gear up to emerge from the shadow of global pandemic repercussions to build an Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

The Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi gave a new mantra to the youth last year - ‘Skill, Reskill and Upskill’ to remain relevant in the rapidly changing business environment and market conditions.

The passion of youth is celebrated around the world on July 15 in the form of World Youth Skills Day to stress the strategic importance of equipping youth with employment, quality work, and entrepreneurship skills.

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship invites creative ideas and suggestions from the youth to propel India as the ‘Skill Capital’ of the world.

The last date to submit your entries is 17th September 2021.

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VIBU BOSE 33 minutes ago

Central and State Govt should start in each District , different skill development courses( of 6 month to 1 year ) duration for those who passed Grade 10 and +2

जादूगर आर आनंद PATHAK 1 hour 7 minutes ago

शिक्षा नीति बहुत अच्छी बनाइए क्लास 1 बच्चो को स्किल बनाये कम्प्यूटर आन लाइन वर्क नई टेक्नोलॉजी से अपने बच्चों को गांव देहात सब जगह जो लोकल प्रोडक्ट है उनके हाइ टेक्नोलॉजी से बच्चो तक शिक्षा मध्यम से मजबूत दीवार बन जाएगी

Manju nath 1 hour 24 minutes ago

అయ్యా ప్రధాన మంత్రి మోడీ గారికి వ్రాయడము ఏమనగా మేము పని చేసి మన దేశానికి ఆర్థికంగా సహాయ పడాలనే ఉన్న మాకు ఆర్థిక స్తోమత లేక మీరు ప్రవేశ పెట్టిన స్టాండ్ అప్ ఇండియా మరియు మరొక పథకంలో మాకు దగ్గరలో ఉన్న బ్యాంకులకు అర్జీ దరఖాస్తు చేసుకున్నాము కానీ సదరు బ్యాంకు నుంచి మాకు సమాధానము స్యురిటీ ఉంటే మాత్రమే లోన్ ఇవ్వగల ము అంతేగానీ ప్రభుత్వాలు ప్రవేశపెట్టే పథకాలకు శ్యురిటు లేకుండా లోన్ ఇవ్వడం కుదరదు అని సమాధానము వచ్చింది ఇది మా ఒక్కరికే కాదు మాలాంటి వారికి అందరికీ ఇదే సమాధానము వస్తోంది కాస్త దీని గురించి

ManojKumarGupta 1 hour 51 minutes ago

Ghar ghar business I thick in India we need empowerment because jb mai product ko dekhta hu maximum product chaina ka hota hai

Madhuri kumari 2 hours 4 minutes ago

pranam Sir🙏docter,engineer etc.jaise professional siksha mein eng compulsary hona chahiye...aaj jo bhed xhal hai ki docters kaam nahi karte dhang se iska yahi kaaran hai ki log bina english aur sanskrit ke 10th pass karte hai acche numbers se jabki aata jata kuch nahi ratta laga ke naukari bina kisi vision ke..natija charmarati suvidha aur janseva.

Omkar Suryakant Sankhe 2 hours 10 minutes ago

Hello sir,
According to today's scenario the new modern inventory ideas are required but due to lack of knowledge and lack of skills it lag to compete with world but it can be improve by focusing on renewable energy sources because it's new and modern idea to invent some latest feature equipment . Giving proper practical skillful knowledge it will be become opportunity to new young generation. So the India become " skill capital " of the world.

Taranjeet kaur 2 hours 26 minutes ago

Good evening sir,skill development should be started from primary level. co- curriculum plays vital role in the over all development of the child as it enchance child confidence as well and they became self reliant .....Necessary grading or marks will be included in the annual performance which inspires the child..

NavinKumar 3 hours 45 minutes ago

Respected prime minister.....

solar vehicle should be introduced in india
and also all the state of India should have underground wiring system as overhead wiring system leads to death of many animals and humans and it detoriates the look of the city or road.......