Inviting Inputs on Draft Guidelines for Recognition of the Awarding Bodies

Last Date Sep 30,2020 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

The National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET) was notified as an overarching skills regulator on 5th December 2018 vide notification No. SD-17/113/2017-E&PW ...

The National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET) was notified as an overarching skills regulator on 5th December 2018 vide notification No. SD-17/113/2017-E&PW

The NCVET will regulate the functioning of entities engaged in vocational education and training, both long & short-term, and establish minimum standards for the functioning of such entities.

Pursuing its mandate, NCVET has developed a draft of the ‘Guidelines for Recognition of the Awarding Bodies’. These guidelines are an attempt to standardize operations and outcomes of the Awarding Bodies (ABs) in the skills ecosystem. This will lead to improvement in quality and market relevance of skill development programs lending credibility to vocational education and training, encouraging greater private investment and employer participation in the skills space.
Guidelines define scope, criteria, tenure and detailed process of recognition as an AB. A robust mechanism of monitoring and evaluation based on well-defined parameters forms integral part of the guidelines.
The AB guidelines are structured as eligibility criteria and continuance criteria. The eligibility criteria ensures that ABs demonstrate required sustainable capacity earmarking the basic minimal organizational requirements and necessities. The continuation criteria ensures continuity of an awarding body based on its performance against the monitoring and evaluation parameters.

Comments are invited from public on the proposed guidelines.

Click here to read ‘Guidelines for Recognition of the Awarding Bodies’

Last date of submission is 30th September 2020

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Manjeet Singh Rana_4 10 hours 8 minutes ago

एक सार्थक प्रयास किया जा रहा है सरकार द्वारा, जिसकी मैं सराहना करता हूँ। मेरी बेटी कोडिंग सीख रही है, जबकि अभी वो केवल सातवीं कक्षा में है। हमारे जमाने मे तो स्नातक स्तर पर मैंने अपनी पहली कंप्यूटर लेंग्वेज सीखी थी। तब काफी महंगी थी उस समय के हिसाब से। आज की तारीख में तो केवल 100₹ दिए हैं, जोकि उसका 3 दिन का जेबखर्च है।

आपकी सरकार को साधुवाद दूंगा जो बिना किसी संकोच के, भय के अपना काम करती जा रही है। देश को उन्नति के नए आयाम दिखा रही है।

आप सबको साधुवाद🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Rubyya Bi Sayyed Mustafa 13 hours 49 minutes ago

Hon'ble P.M.Modi Sir Hello
Which is "Change Maker" in my gov app please encourage that by Platinum Medal of my gov and Certificate.

Bamshankar Mandal 17 hours 47 minutes ago

Key features of Vocational Education and Training:

Training consists of Units of competency - A training qualification has a specific set of units of competency which together make up the overall set of skills and knowledge required for a qualification.

Competence based - Training is provided to meet a set of performance criteria. Each individual must be able to demonstrate competence to a satisfactory level in order to be determined as competent. Hence, there is no 'pass' or 'fail’. Competenc

Bamshankar Mandal 17 hours 51 minutes ago

Vocational education prepares individuals for jobs. It has adequate employment potentialities. It helps in broadening of horizon. ... According to the recommendation of the Secondary Education Commission (1952-53), the aim of vocationalisation of education is to improve the vocational efficiency of the students.

Bamshankar Mandal 17 hours 51 minutes ago

Vocational Education helps people in the better performance of their jobs as they acquire a great learning experience. Working professionals get a chance to hone their skills while making money.

Aravind PR 18 hours 18 minutes ago

For being awarded the person should be a human being of great moral values.
The very important thing is that the person should know how to behave and talk to others

Aravind PR 18 hours 20 minutes ago

Like some person has kind of interest .and according to them they perform very well in that field .so I thing every or each person should aware own self to own body .which has like or dislike .so we can awards the body

Nav Pallav 20 hours 6 minutes ago

1. what transperancy can the AB provide
2. what security measures related to personal identity and data integrity can it provide
3. how much digitization has it achieved already or can achieve in a given timeframe
4. if using any third party, how can the AB ensure adherence to above three by third party
5. how much accountability is it going to take and what is willing to commit for "at risk" in case found to be lagging behind
6. what are internal and external audits they are doing and willing t