Reimagining Skill India 2.0: Inviting creative ideas and suggestions to help reinvent the landscape of skilling in India: 

Reimagining Skill India 2.0: Inviting creative ideas and suggestions to help reinvent the landscape of skilling in India: 
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Feb 18, 2022
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Jun 30, 2022
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Reimagining Skill India 2.0: Inviting creative ideas and suggestions to help reinvent the ...

Reimagining Skill India 2.0: Inviting creative ideas and suggestions to help reinvent the
landscape of skilling in India

The Government has reimagined Skill India 2.0, understanding the urgent need to create a reliable and qualified workforce. The push is necessary to help the workforce tap into new opportunities so we can look at the future of the world of work and be a part of New India's growth story.

Union Budget 2022 unfolded a vision for a New India, which will be built on a strong skilling ecosystem, robust digital infrastructure and plethora of opportunities. To fulfil this dream, several initiatives have been proposed to boost the skilling sector. They are:
Industry Connect: As India ushers in Industry 4.0, industry linkage becomes important to provide demand-driven industry-relevant training opportunities, bridging the skill gap and facilitating demand-based skilled manpower to industries which would, in turn, add new jobs.

NSQF Alignment: In a bid to bring talent in sync with demand for it, the Government is leaving no stone unturned to renovate the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF)and align it with evolving industries.

Digital Skills: The launch of the DESH-stack e-portal will encourage a digital ecosystem for skilling and livelihood and offer solutions to complex challenges in preparing for a skilled country. The Government is also focusing on strengthening the digital skill ecosystem as technical skills like AR/VR, machine learning, and the ability to work with data, including automated systems, become a must-have.

With Drone Shakti and Kisan Drones for crop assessment, digitization of land records, and spraying of insecticides, the country is set to leapfrog to a future-ready world. This opens up innumerable opportunities for both the drone and
agri-tech sectors: a mutually beneficial ecosystem for technology companies and agricultural modernization.

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship invites all Indian citizens to bring their best ideas and suggestions to the table as we move ahead to become the skill capital of the World. 

The last date to submit your entries is 30th June 2022.

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Ashir Bhardwaj 2 days 6 hours ago

Online repository of videos by best professors with best visuals on every topic can be formed by UGC, interest level of a learner can be gauged by a short test and graded lectures of less or more depth can be presented, topic related lucid information can be provided in addition at college level, lecturer at college level can do problem
solving and discussions, learner should be given reading tasks or library time during college time.

Kumar Nitin Singh 2 days 9 hours ago

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Rakesh kumar jain 2 days 16 hours ago

हमे इसके बारे में लोगो को ज्यादा जानकारी देना चाहिए

GURUSANKARAN L 2 days 16 hours ago

In india the youth children s are very talented in all the categories ex sports, studies and other activities. will the government to lead it in good way.

SaroopSharma 3 days 41 minutes ago

Working as Agriculturist for the sake of nation.
Since I put my steps into the noble field of agriculture as a farmer and joined the working among other farmers of the nation as an organic farmer I owe my innovation to SKUAST jammu ICAR IARI New Delhi.
I try to put all my efforts and techniques of my caliber to become a part and parcel of Agricultural technology in a very innovative way to serve and sacrifice whole heartedly to the nation in its agricultural Technological growth for the up liftmen and growth of the field.
Also at the local level if I may get any opportunity I would certainly be a part of poor farmer to upkeep his contribution in the local farming keeping in view the topography and climatology of the region.
Saroop Sharma organic farmer awarded Innovative and fellow farmers awards New Delhi

kalpana sharma 3 days 6 hours ago

Development of skill India will lead to make students independent . Students can learn and develop themselves earning their pocket money side by side of their studies. Skill India will improve economic state of the country.

GURUSANKARAN L 3 days 10 hours ago

In india lot of young talent is here our government doing create good policy and will develop them in all categories.

Rakesh kumar jain 3 days 12 hours ago

हमे इसके बारे में जनता को ज्यादा जाग्रत करना चाहिए

Sundar Krishnaiyer 4 days 11 hours ago

Skill India ..Youth should be participate in all the traditional aspects and should be prepared and support should be given them for their ideas and activities. Farm development River maintenance Road maintenance flyover maintenance and many important aspects in India give opportunity for their important to develop skill India