Share your inputs on use of Y Break App

 Share your inputs on use of Y Break App
Start Date :
May 19, 2023
Last Date :
Jun 05, 2023
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

MyGov, in collaboration with the Ministry of AYUSH, is organizing Y-Break Discussion. Y-Break App is a digital platform to promote Yoga practice in the working population to ...

MyGov, in collaboration with the Ministry of AYUSH, is organizing Y-Break Discussion. Y-Break App is a digital platform to promote Yoga practice in the working population to de-stress, refresh and re-focus at their workplace to increase their productivity, and consists of Asanas, Pranayama and Dhyana
MDNIY, MoA & MyGov is pleased to host a discussion to pick the minds of all Indians on the “Role of Y-Break in Working professional to scale up Yoga practice for a larger impact in lifestyle & Physical Activity”.

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Pramod Kumar Upadhyay 3 hours 6 minutes ago

I had sent a suggestion 7 hours back for a pressing matter today.
In continuation to that if the government makes and published a rule to ban Male Coaches for women athletes the a signal will go out to the whole nation that the present government is taking strong measures and means business on Sexual harrasment of women.
Sir, please forgive me if it is not possible or wrong in your view because my contention is only to bring peace on this national issue currently.
later on after a carefully study some law could be enacted so that there is no room for Sexual harrasment of athletes.
I have given my suggestion in my earlier submission.
However the Experts views and opinions can override flaws in my suggestions.

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Prashant Sharma 3 hours 39 minutes ago

my organizations have been conducting such sessions with the initiative from top mgt.
it's benefit to self and organisations are not arithmetic progression but geo progression.
GOVT's initiative with Ayush ministry will benefit crores of people and ultimately nation

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Bala Bhaskaran Nair K P 5 hours 47 minutes ago


Any collective activity performed same time within across a geographically bound national area is contributive to buiding a powerful sense of bonding oneness. Therefore, I would suggest that the government or some cultural organisation identify a few simple and easy to practice yogasanas such as Vajrasana, Gomukhasana, Sukhasana, Halasana, Paschimottanasana or the like and suggest a daily time schedule running atleast three slots of 3 minutes a day for the general public to practice at their will. The response may not be very encouraging at the beginning, but over a time period, the things will change and will turn into an amazingly change making experience. The only thing is that some one agency has to take the lead.

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Swetha Kannan 5 hours 56 minutes ago

Probably awareness creation about the app from all levels , people may start using. It is good one. Some people not aware of about this app.

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Hemeswari Bhuyan 6 hours 20 minutes ago

Transformational Reorganisation is essential in Nursing Education, Administration, Research and Training is the need of the hours

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Akula ramanjaneyulu 7 hours 42 minutes ago

Respected Honourable PM sir, I request you that please accept my suggestions about yoga practicing at working place.
1. yoga practicing is lead to person as holistic personality
2.practicing of yoga at working place for maintaining desirable health to make right decisions at right time.
3.practicing of yoga can promote the concepts of sthitha pragna to emotional balance of working force at their working place. practicing lead to divine attitude, righteousness attitude and promoting working culture at working place.
5. yoga promotes sincerity among the working force for attain aims and objectives of firm. practicing is creates coordination, Cooperation and helping culture among the working forces integration.
7.practising of yoga creates natural environment and ethical values at working place. practicing is lead to friendly relationships of working force at working place