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#BudgetForNewIndia: Union Budget 2019-20 reflects Citizens’ Ideas
Posted on : 05 Jul 2019

The Ministry of Finance, Government of India invited suggestions from citizens a ...

न्यू इंडिया की उम्मीदों को पूरा करने वाला बजट
Posted on : 02 Feb 2018

केंद्रीय वित्त मंत्री और कॉरपोरेट मामले के मंत्री अरुण जेटली ने देश के गांवों , ...

Union Budget 2018: Fostering growth and development for a New India
Posted on : 02 Feb 2018

Reiterating the pledge given to the people of India four years ago to give this ...

Looking Back – Union Budget 2017
Posted on : 02 Feb 2018

Union Budget 2017 was a watershed moment in the history of India. The Government ...

Economic Survey 2018: Strong Economic Fundamentals define New India
Posted on : 31 Jan 2018

The Economic Survey 2017-18 has been tabled in the Parliament on 29th January. T ...

Attracting Foreign Direct Investment, Driving Economic Growth
Posted on : 30 Jan 2018

The Government’s FDI policy can be summed up by our Prime Minister’s promise of ...

Jan Dhan se Jan Suraksha- Securing the Unsecured
Posted on : 01 Sep 2017

In the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ‘Reform is merely a stage; transfo ...

MUDRA: Fulfilling the dreams of millions
Posted on : 31 Aug 2017

MUDRA is an initiative that meets the financing needs of non-corporate small bus ...

Innovative Financing – The case of India Infrastructure Finance Company
Posted on : 24 Mar 2017

ndia needs large investments in infrastructure for accelerating inclusive growth ...

How to quickly replace cash with digital means?
Posted on : 15 Mar 2017

The Government’s plan to boost digital payments is by deploying 10 lakh new Poin ...

Looking back at Re-monetization
Posted on : 01 Mar 2017

Re-monetization is a wicked problem and there is no standard policy prescription ...

Budget for a Better India
Posted on : 01 Feb 2017

Ending a 92 year old practice that started in 1924, the Union Budget 2017 establ ...