Ideas to make the ‘Program for Education and Awareness on Anti Doping in Sports’ (PEADS) more effective

How to make anti-doping programme more effective amongst the rural area and budding athletes at school level in India through ‘Program for Education and Awareness on Anti Doping in Sports’ (PEADS)
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To further increase the awareness-cum-outreach level of the anti doping campaign, National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) has developed an extensive education program namely Program for ...

To further increase the awareness-cum-outreach level of the anti doping campaign, National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) has developed an extensive education program namely Program for Education and Awareness on Anti Doping in Sports (PEADS). To know the exact requirement for this purpose, an Information and Education Committee (IEC) has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Director General, NADA to assist and advise NADA. PEADS is a comprehensive program that has been planned with an objective to deal with different stakeholders in the country.

The objective of this program is to increase Awareness of Anti Doping in Sports across the country amongst all the sportspersons and support staff.

Suggestions/ Feedback are required from public and common manon how this program can be made more effective amongst the rural area and budding athletes at school level in India and in what way and how can anyone assist NADA to eradicate the doping in sports in India. Anyone can share idea of the photos, documentaries, small films, and electronic advertisement media on anti doping etc.

Program for Education and Awareness on Anti Doping in Sports (PEADS)

The last date to share your views is 25th June, 2015.

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MANAN Bhatt_1 4 years 3 months ago

#skillindia #universityofindianarmedforces
My open letter to ms smriti Irani, min of HRD
Dear madam, I am writing you to highlight the atrocities to the serving sailors,soldiers,airmen. They all are recruited and trained in their allotted trades by the defence. But the biggest irony is that none of the courses and training offered are recognised by the UGC nor these are affiliated to any university. So the highly trained and skilled jawan when retires at an early age of32-35 years, his qualification is nil. He gets nothing. My request to you is that A UNIVERSITY OF DEFENCE BE ESTABLISHED just as done by our PM in Gandhinagar. This historic move will place our government back into the hearts of the jawans. A bad image of our PM has been created by some rogue elements on OROP issue. The jawans retiring after 15 years of more are being given some funny 'equavalant to graduation' certificate which has no educational value. Jawans are being cheated by the officers so that they will not face competition from them in higher posts after retirement. To cover all this up, jawans pre release courses offered but they too are of no educational value. Retiring Officers are offered courses in IIMs an IITs. The jawans re allotted hair cutting technology course.

Anmol Sharma 4 years 3 months ago

Players ,who play for nation,have some dreams,which he /she want to fulfill. In the beginning of their career ,they are honest for fulfilling dreams.Very less achieved their dream,and rest tried to do so Some from the rest maintain honesty and rest follow the path of wrong side to get dreams They used some medicines etc.which harms their body .But they forget it.Now couple of suggestions of doping,these are 1 .Player must be educated 2 He/She is loyal to their coach 3 Coach also prepared him/her not physically but mentally also.4.Most importantly,a psychologist is required tobknowvthe psychology of the player.

rajkumar pandey 4 years 5 months ago

FOLLOW ONE WORK ONE AGENCY PRINCIPLE. Doping in sports is part of the larger phenomenon of influence of drugs in all walks of life. Therefore, merge narocotics control bureau of MHA, central bureau of narcotices of M/O Finance and NADA of sports ministry, into an integrated agency. Let this agency make all citizens aware including sportmen about drug abuse. YOGA classes for all citizens will take care of doping problem also. Associate AYUSH ministry also. Modiji should force coordination now.

dinesh mutha 4 years 5 months ago

Competitive board and other results are out.
Students are now struggling, confused in choosing the stream.

They need proper counselling so that they can choose stream of their choice.

Students also have no idea about scholarships which are awarded on merit basis.

Seeing all this situation and also have gone through this situation, today I would like to share an plan which will resolve various problem.
A country can succeed in any sector via education only.

So find the attached file

gelli phanindra viswandha prasad 4 years 5 months ago

All schools be made mandatory to have trees surrounding ground instead of walls, will increase or help player get oxygen naturally!

Manju Sharma 4 years 5 months ago

For anti-doping awareness it is compulsory for very player to do yoga & Exercise regularly. this is the natural way to get stamina and power. If a player do yoga & exercise regularly he never use drugs for gating power. It is also necessary for the player that they have good & healthy food every day. But every player is not too rich to afford good & healthy food every time. So is is a humble request to Modi Ji that Govt. provide them all necessary things.

Navin Kumar 4 years 5 months ago

First and foremost, Athletes must be educated of the health hazards of using restricted drugs, along with embarrassment and ban they will be subject to once caught.It will also make void all the tireless effort put by them in years and years to get to this level.PEADS must be made mandatory in schools where young minds can absorb these things early. Doping test should not bee random affair, it has to be performed in each and every competition without fail, so that no one can escapes. Thanks

AJAY KUMAR YADAV 4 years 5 months ago

Awareness regarding the ill effects of doping should be spread at schools, colleges and all sports training institutes.

Dr Swapan Kumar Banerjee 4 years 5 months ago

For anti-doping awareness our slogan may be: Khelka maan badho, desh ki shaan badao. Doping se mukti pao. Let's initiate a healthy life style at school level. Students should be taught NOT to tamper with their age, height and weight because this malpractice doesn't bear fruits in the long run. Good thoughts from Vivekananda, Tagore, Gandhi should be their daily food for thinking. Only then we have honest and able sportspersons. Parents should give up smoking, drinking.

Shouryodeep Chakraborty 4 years 5 months ago

Isuggest to make the reservation based on economic category not social.In national or state level exams applicationfees,cutoff marks,monthly fees are less for reserved ones than generals.The gov. should know all general class students are not wealthy.A general student getting 100 is failed but a reserved one getting 70 is passed.The education system is slow poisoning India. According to our Constitution there should be no inequality based on social class, so why is this existing ?-