Inviting Suggestions on Reforms for Strengthening for Periodic Assessment and Accreditation of All Higher Educational Institutions

Inviting Suggestions on Reforms for Strengthening for Periodic Assessment and Accreditation of All Higher Educational Institutions
Start Date :
May 22, 2023
Last Date :
Jun 22, 2023
23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

To address the growing concerns in the present Accreditation and Ranking systems of the Government of India had constituted a High-Level Committee. This Committee considered the ...

To address the growing concerns in the present Accreditation and Ranking systems of the Government of India had constituted a High-Level Committee. This Committee considered the introduction of strategic reforms consistent with the vision of the National Education Policy 2020 and the need for adopting a simple, trust-based, objective and rationalized system for approval, accreditation and ranking of Higher Educational Institutions with a verifiable and secured centralised database through technology-driven modern systems. Methodologies for facilitating Ease of Doing Business for the stakeholders, duly facilitating students in making more informed choices for selection of institutions/ programmes were also considered by the Committee.

After a series of deliberations, a High-Level Committee has submitted its draft Report on ‘Transformative Reforms for Strengthening Periodic Assessment and Accreditation of All Higher Educational Institutions in India’ to the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India.

In light of this, MyGov, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, seeks feedback and suggestions from all the stakeholders for the finalisation of the report.

This report has now been placed in the public domain until June 22, 2023.

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Georgie s cherian 56 minutes 6 sec ago

Higher education research had developed solar cars and electric vehicles for 30000 Rs in a tamilnadu college , but on company commercial sale to public the price of electric bikes are higher from 70000 Rs to 1.5 lqcs for electric bikes

Price of electric bike is higher than petrol bike when the electric bike major part is a motor and battery and had no engine and a engine less bike need not be higher priced than engine gitted bikes and this electric models to be below fifty thousand Rupees and orice can be reduced by removing unnecessary devices in bike like a speed indicator that is a waste ehen its maxium speed is twenty to forty kmph

The shoonya campaign is to maximize the engineless electric bike sale by lowering the price of electric engine less that engine fitted petrol engine price and this will lead to the sale of electric vehicle and other wise it is unfair to use electric bike as in shoonya campaign and such lowering of prices in engineless electric bike is ok

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harish boraiah 1 hour 36 minutes ago

Suggested Guidelines:1Group and categorize institutions as best, better, good and Not qualifiable. 2Follow relative rating among the same group and eliminate low ranking institutions 3Rating on parameters of Teaching Excellence based on peer and student survey feedback, Research Activities, Industrial Internship number and duration for students, Accredited Research Journal publication by students and faculty, Student Exchange program with Industry and Foreign reputed Universities, CSR and Non academic skill oriented overall opportunities and development of students, Continuous assessment method and parameters of evaluating student based on creative, academic, non-academic aspects, student faculty ratio, mentoring effectiveness and implementation, Industrial projects in pre-final and final year, CSR initiatives of the institution in rural development etc. 4Promotion of meritocracy not involving monetary, reservation, religious orientations in admission process 5Global Rank & Recognition

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naga pasunuri 1 hour 43 minutes ago

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Sreejith 3 hours 2 minutes ago

Dear Mr Prime minister,
We should teach our students civics and personal humanity so that they don't end up in crimes, but first the crime rates should be reduced by the government itself to do that our law and enforcement should be strong and be able to give a clear picture that a person doing crime cannot roam freely in our country (especially Mutiple crime records person). if we start from there we can trace back to the point where we are at strengthen our younger generations. Instead of increasing the speed fine and corporate tax increase the fine for rape and murder and petty cases which can reduce the crime rate a lot. If a crime is done and it you go to jail its better to sit in jail as the culprit gets free food and accommodation on government expense which is the taxpayers money.
We should be removing the tax system from our country which is a sati to country, its been ages our country is depending on taxes, Our government should become independent of the taxes from citizen

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Prashant Sharma 3 hours 39 minutes ago

regular written feedback from students, employees should be conducted for institutions.
it will show ground reality and areas of strength, weakness

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ManishP 4 hours 34 minutes ago

namastey pradhanmantri ji and priy bhartiya naagrik

vishay: development of UP MP NE and Bihar

bharat ke kuch khaas rajya jaise UP Bihar MP and NE aaj bhi bahut he peechhe hai, inko mukhya dhaara se jodne ke liye naye sankalp aur samaadhaano ko jarurat hai

1. international universities with proper security should be established so that local economy gets boost up

2. local tourism boost up so that western and southern Indian people tour these places to recharge the economy

3. ancient Vedic places to be more advertised so that people visit them easily and conveniently ( connectivity and tour guides)

4. local crafts, art, dance, music, cultural forms to be packaged and showcased in hotels and restaurants during the tourism visits

5. museums to be built in all the above mentioned states

6. Hindi belt must learn South Indian languages to facilitate the South Indian tourists

7. tourism industry, education industry art and crafts must form the backbone of these states.......soon

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BalajiRaoParamala 5 hours 18 minutes ago

Employers complain that many graduates they hire are deficient in basic skills such as writing, problem solving and critical thinking that college leaders and their faculties consistently rank among the most important goals of an undergraduate education

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Swetha Kannan 5 hours 39 minutes ago

6. Probably more practical knowledge, theory + practical can help to do job better ways after curriculam.
7. Introducing campus selection, or possible if interested startup initiation ,innovation encouragement . Need to validate and take it.

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DebasisPadhi 5 hours 43 minutes ago

We have invented 0. We were on the top in science be it related to moon,planets. I remember Pathani Samanta who used a bamboo stick to measure distant objects in sky.We need to revive this. We are still ignorant about Our Rushi,Maharshi . In this land, we are not taught about our own people but others. I am very sad on seeing this. Our future generation won't be india centric. We see degradation in Math and science education in school. Schools take huge amount and pupil spend maximum time in school leaving less for parents. The working parents do want the same as they don't have time to spend time with pupil. The urban areas are less with open spaces like playground etc . All are commercialized especially in Bengaluru .We don't find schools of our liking. Hope Sridhar Vembu like erudite person would take this as challenge and grow their presence in other cities where we can learn more about india and its Rushi,Maharishi and science. GOI should have a open space for us 2 contribute.