Let's Thank Our Healthcare Workers

Let's Thank Our Healthcare Workers
Last Date Dec 31,2021 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

What the world witnessed in the form of the COVID-19 crisis was beyond anybody’s wildest dreams. Though the world beheld chaos unfolds before its eyes in starting 2020, it also ...

What the world witnessed in the form of the COVID-19 crisis was beyond anybody’s wildest dreams. Though the world beheld chaos unfolds before its eyes in starting 2020, it also saw the unprecedented courage, service, and sacrifice of our doctors, nurses & frontline workers during these tough times.

As the second wave of COVID-19 once again tests India's strength & dedication in defeating this virus, we cannot thank our true COVID warriors enough for their spirit, fearlessness, and resolve.

Doctors, nurses & frontline workers have isolated themselves away from their families & have been working day and night to battle all the atrocities of the raging pandemic.

But are we doing enough for them?
The least we can do is make their jobs easier by following COVID Appropriate Behaviour& take out our time to say a heartfelt thank you. Let's make them feel valued. Let’s tell them that they are appreciated every day, but also especially during this unprecedented time, we are all facing together. Let’s hail the selfless work done by the medical professionals in India in dealing with the virus.

Though Thank you might sound like a small word against the momentous task they have undertaken, yet let’s make a small start. Join the Thank You Healthcare Workers Initiative & share your message to encourage them to move on to this difficult task of saving the lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Hemant parikh 1 hour 48 minutes ago

Spl thanks to those who were giving health services and were near affected patients ,risking there lives thru getting infected ,as disease being contagious ,and healthworkers who dealt with dead bodies of patients

Hemant parikh 1 hour 51 minutes ago

Considering lacs of crores of rs spent on pandemic ,govt need to have earmarked amount as incentive to govt frontline healthworkers ,contractors ,suppliers ,owners earned ,but frontline govt healthworkers never got monetary appreciation from govt ,just thanks is fine but a small part of huge amount govt disbursed on pandemic need to have gone to them

sachin Thakur 2 hours 12 minutes ago

mere or meri puri family or se un sabhi doctors or narsa ko tahe dil se sukriya
unhone apne ghar balo or family se dur rah kar hum sab ko corona se bache rakha ne liye hum sab ko vaicen laye
bina kisi dar ke 🙏🙏🙏

Hemant parikh 2 hours 19 minutes ago

We thank all healthworkers including ,doctors ,nurses ,ward boy ,ambulance driver/ asst ,staff of clinic ,hospital ,local leaders of community facilitating medical services to masses ,police shifting patients to hospitals ,donors ,owners of medical facility ,oxygen suppliers ,ventlator suppliers , media acknowledging health worker services ,mlas ,mps , state govt ,central govt ,international donors of mask ,medical equipment ,medicines ,vaccines , vaccine giver ,vaccination drive administrators

Hemant parikh 2 hours 27 minutes ago

Govt need to increase capacity of doctors ,nurses ,postgraduation ,college .medical research ,indian doctors participating in international seminars to acquire latest research ,reduce duty on medical equipment import ,govt need to compensate doctors and healthworkers who sacrificed there lives in these pandemic ,as such health workers without pandemic are also giving selfless service thruout there lives ,which got highlighted now

K G Pragasam 2 hours 49 minutes ago

Crore times thanks to our Hon.Prome Minister for the free doses of covisheild vaccine for our all Indian citizens in all ages to safegaurd from the covid pandemic. Today I got vaccinated the second dose of covisheild. The vaccination photo has been
enclosed herewith. Thnks once again for Our Hon
Prime Minister and the medical team.

Hemant parikh 2 hours 52 minutes ago

Healthworkers staff and owner ,supported citizens in pandemic risking there lives , but health services and quantum of availablity considering indias population need to be available still more and at reasonable cost ,there need to be cap on all health services charges whether its govt or private ,survival as human is right of all citizen ,and need to be reasonable ,or health services need to be semi govt like n other services and products

DEEPAK BHADE 3 hours 21 minutes ago

I really thankfull to all healthcare workers for their contribution to control corona second wave without any extra demand and jump into the sea and save life of of people from corona sea. Really a good job I kindly request govt. to declared som incentive for them.