Share your ideas for Implementation of Budget Initiatives for the Health Sector

Last Date Mar 15,2021 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

A webinar on “Transforming the Health Sector: Union Budget 2021 – Strategies for Implementation” is being organized by the Department of Health & Family Welfare along with ...

A webinar on “Transforming the Health Sector: Union Budget 2021 – Strategies for Implementation” is being organized by the Department of Health & Family Welfare along with the Department of Health Research (DHR), M/o AYUSH and Department of Pharmaceuticals on 23rd February 2021 from 10.30 AM – 1.00PM. The webinar will enable sharing of the key highlights of the budget in respect of the health sector and broad strategies for implementation which build on and leverage reforms, enacted over the past few years. Invited experts will reflect on the challenges and opportunities for strengthening policy reform and implementation and provide suggestions on effective partnerships for positive outcomes. Experts are drawn from academia, research institutions, public health experts, Industry, State health officials, Directors of AIIMS, PGI, JIPMER, NIMHANS, other Central Government Institutions and representatives from FICCI, CII, ASOCHAM, PHD Chamber of Commerce, Healthcare Federation of India.

The key announcements in the Union Budget related to Health Sector are as follows and we seek ideas and suggestions from the public and other stakeholders on the same:

1. Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine to be rolled across the country
2. ₹35000 crore for Covid-19 Vaccine in 2021-22
3. Supplementary Nutrition Programme and Poshan Abhiyan to be merged and launched as Mission Poshan 2.0
4. Outlay ₹64180 crore over 6 years
5. Support for Health and Wellness centres
6. Setting up of Integrated Public Health Labs
7. Establishing critical care hospital blocks
8. Strengthening NCDC
9. Expanding integrated health information portal
10. National Commission for Allied Healthcare Professionals Bill
11. The National Nursing and Midwifery Commission

Click here for a detailed PPT on Budget Initiatives for the Health Sector

Last date of submission is 15th March 2021

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Biswajeet Mishra 1 hour 16 minutes ago

Health is wealth and this pandemic scenario has taught us what is the importance of health. So infrastructure development and more inclusion of villages and cities into health sector should be done to provide health care services to every public.

Robinson Nadar 2 hours 50 minutes ago

Trauma care need across our nation. Minor surgeries should allowable for Siddha, Ayurveda doctors too. Allopathy, Sidha and Ayurveda doctors should respect each other and sit around a table to find useful and economic solutions for the diseases and pandemic situations.

RAKSHANDA 2 hours 51 minutes ago

.I would like to say that if you have a slight fever or anything, then you should show your doctors at the same time And take the tablets only after asking the doctor Because if our health is good so our is going in better form.

hariharareddyjeepalem 3 hours 14 minutes ago

Good afternoon sir,Health depends on our education,food and environment .Education can solve many problems like road accidents, noise pollution and give us health.AUTOMATIC BRAKES WITH ACCIDENTAL FORCES ROBOT and ROTORS IN SILENCERS SUPPRESS noise and it's problems.Health and education are correlated Once spend money on education help us our health always.Developing education is controlling untimely deaths, injuries,disabilities, protecting dynasties and property.Education money is health money.

amar chand baid 7 hours 4 minutes ago

बंगाल में जब से टाटा को भगाया गया तबसे यहां आने की हिम्मत किसी भी ने नहीं की। उन्नति कहां से आयेगी

LaxmiNarayan 7 hours 59 minutes ago

Thus, a stakeholder analysis is centrally concerned with identifying which
stakeholders are critical ones -- which ones are so important to the firm’s work that
managers perceive that dealing with these stakeholders is essential to the success of
the business. Consequently, the manner and degree to which stakeholders affect the
firm, or are affected by the firm, becomes a central part of the analysis.

Avinash Thumallapalli 8 hours 25 minutes ago

1. Please Create All India Public Health Services Cadre. 2. Please Provide Mobile Labour Room Units and Emergency Services Units. 3. Please Introduce National Cancer Institute Act, which Integrates National Cancer Institute, Regional Cancer Centres and State Cancer Institutes.

Avinash Thumallapalli 8 hours 27 minutes ago

1. Please Roll Out Adult and Unimmunized Child/ Adolescent Immunization Programme. 2. Please introduce Allied Health Care Workers Bill. 3. Please Stablish HWC and Integrated Public Health Labs in Patnership with Not For Profit Organizations. 4. Please Stablish Emergency Units in all PHC, CHC, THC and District Hospitals. 5. Please make Private Hospitals part of Health Ibformation portal. 6. Please Establish AMRIT Phramacies in all District Hospitals.