Vidyanjali - (School Volunteer Programme)

Vidyanjali - (School Volunteer Programme) is an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of School Education & Literacy to enhance community and private ...

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Vidyanjali - (School Volunteer Programme)
Last Date- Dec 31,2017 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Vidyanjali - (School Volunteer Programme) is an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of School Education & Literacy to enhance community and private sector involvement in Government run elementary schools across the country under the overall aegis of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

This programme has been envisaged to bring together people willing to volunteer their services at schools which really need them. The volunteers will act as mentors, confidantes and communicators with children.

In consonance with this objective, MyGov in collaboration with Ministry of Human Resource Development has developed a mobile application for schools and other educational institutions to engage interested citizens in volunteering for such on-ground engagements.

The application will enable interested volunteers to connect with government educational institutions including schools to mentor students. This mobile application would act as a nexus between the volunteers and government bodies under a Volunteer Management Program. Through this mobile application, mentors can interact with institutions directly and can contribute in the institution’s activity with relevant knowledge and skill set.

The application is an interactive mobile platform which facilitates communication between the two stakeholders helping institutions to post their academic and non-academic requirements seeking suitable volunteers for the specified role. The prospective volunteers, users of the application, would be able to show their interest based on the available volunteering opportunities viewing the list ordered basis fetched user location. The application would boast of a separate dashboard for institutions and volunteers both, which would be inclusive of a map enabling feature of locating both the institution and the volunteer. The exact locations of volunteers and institutions would be view-able through pin markers on the map.

The volunteer application would allow two-way search from the end of both the stakeholders. A volunteer would be able to seek activities and show his/her interest in the listed activities. Similarly, an institution would be able to search for volunteers who are using the app meeting their requirement, request for a volunteer, review a volunteer profile, and schedule a meeting for further action and appointment.

Hence, the application would help connect keen volunteers with educational institutions for being able to associate and work with the institution on need basis plugging in the vacant spaces. This would not only bring satisfaction to the volunteers but also make the students’ experience seamless. An application to this effect would serve as a successful and innovative alternative to resolve temporary issues of missing or incompetent human resource faced by educational institutions.

List of Schools for Vidyanjali Launch

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Mohan Lal Chakravaishya's picture

Mohan Lal Chakravaishya 16 hours 46 minutes ago

I am ready to serve my nation for this initiative or noble cause.
I have worked in project like "Vidhyanjali" for betterment of education system in india. We are running free coaching center for students since one year.

Jai Hind

#Vidyanjali #Mygov

RUBY SHARMA_1's picture

RUBY SHARMA_1 19 hours 20 minutes ago

I have done these degrees- bachelor in mass communication,LL.B.,LL.M.Human rights .i can teach social science ,history,english,hindi,environmental science,legal awareness ,polity etc.i m interested to be a part of vidyanjali scheme

Srilata S's picture

Srilata S 22 hours 9 minutes ago

Dear Sir
I think "computer coding" should be started from primary section in all schools across India. I not aware of what the curriculum is for the "computer technology" in schools right now but they start only at the High school level. In this connection I wanted to highlight what UK government is doing in the link below. That would be the right step in the right direction.


KAUSICK BANERJEE 1 day 23 minutes ago

I am heartily interested to join "vidyanjali" and shall be lucky to get such a golden chance to serve my country.

Prashant Kumar's picture

Prashant Kumar 1 day 1 hour ago

"Volunteer contribution" in education dilutes it's very importance, because it requires discipline and continuity with directed guidelines.Rather We should go for zero corruption practice in exiSting infrastructure like KVS, nvs and state schools , where corruption, buttering practices and beurocracy has suffocated the spirit of education. Child learns what he observes in his school rather , what he learns in books.


SAUVIK DEBROY 1 day 1 hour ago

This is indeed a good initiative by the Government of India. I am really very happy to join this programme.