Regulation of Direct Selling Activities in the country

Regulation of Direct Selling Activities in the country
Last Date Feb 16,2016 08:30 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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With globalization and liberalization of Indian Economy in last two decades, numerous domestic and international companies have been drawn to investing in new modes of business/ ...

With globalization and liberalization of Indian Economy in last two decades, numerous domestic and international companies have been drawn to investing in new modes of business/ business models targeted at the huge domestic market especially in the consumer goods & services. Direct Selling is one of these modes where goods /services are sold directly by the producer/service provider to the consumers. For this different models such as Multi Level/Network marketing, Door to Door Selling, Online Selling, Tele-shopping are being used. These practices are new and different from traditional retail through shops. In the absence of a proper regulatory framework, retail through these models leads to consumer grievances, trader’s issues, slow growth of the sector etc.

The aim of this discussion is to deliberate and evolve views of all stakeholders for providing a regulatory framework to the sector.

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Pankaj Kumar Gupta_11 4 years 3 months ago

For network marketing companies like qnet, there should be checks on what the firms offer as products and to whom the products are being sold. A percentage can be fixed that companies will have to sell their products to at least these many non members of the company. Otherwise people will get a person to join the network, take money from them and forcibly give them company products and show sales. Ultimately this leads to people luring others too and doing the same.

C V ADITYA 4 years 3 months ago

Most of the business models require a centralised material handling locations.Infrastructure, e.g: cold storage, is key for rapidly perishable goods. Having centralised storage (where community or cooperative ownership/operatorship is encouraged instead of relying on govt) , e.g: for grains, fruits, vegetables, helps. Also reducing middlemen and involving farmer participation in cooperatives enables transfer of profits from middlemen to farmers.

Arvind Sharma 4 years 3 months ago

Dear Sir, Can you please make a law for NRIs property in India to be protected in all aspects from illegal occupants including bad tenants. This is serious problem in India. Many people overseas afraid to invest in India because of never ending dispute of property issues there. Better law will flow more investment in India and NRIs will feel good. No one can take NRIs property in India illegally. Each city must have separate record where a owner can get vacate status of property anytime.

YOGESH KUMAR 4 years 3 months ago

I like to suggest that the toys(looks like Arms Gun, bullet etc) should be totally banned in the markets. Because firstly they attracts the children towarda use of weapons and build a ease of having a real gun.
Secondly culprit people use them in Robbery etc because of more similarities of these toys with original guns , weapons etc

YOGESH KUMAR 4 years 3 months ago

Most of the people are having phone /mobile only to call and listen calls.
They are facing problems of unwanted balance deduction for VAS service offered in flash msgs by telecom operators. Those who suffer percentage of poor and illiterate is more.
Hardearned money wasted.

Swati Kumari_5 4 years 3 months ago

Hello Sir, Whenever we used to buy some product worth amount for which shopkeepers had to return 1 Re to customer, often they give a toffee. Though 1 Re is not a big deal,but several 1 Rupees can amount to a large sum . It is a kind of theft on shopkeepers part or they are taking advantage of the customers.So there is a need to check on these kind of thefts. Either raise the excise duty on such toffees or card payment transactions only allowed for that. I hope govt. will definitely think over it

vinod n s 4 years 3 months ago

Dear sir,my name is Vinod and I am from Kerala. I have been an active participant of network marketing as a serious part timer since its inception in this country. It was 1996 when it started with the promise of free entrepreneurshíp to ordinary people like me.this industry offers maximum opportunity for enhancing the per capita of India.please bring laws to avoid cheating companies and to prevent local police to manipulate the money circulation act to bribe money from innocent networkers

Narasimha Murthy Shekhar 4 years 4 months ago

Priority: safety of details provided by customer to sellers.
Corruption: departmental stores with availability of daily household products and to make sure that there isn't any hampering with the products.

A Governmental site to verify the rates of different products and let it be goods, land etc and the rate that was kept in front of customer or a call service or an office guarded with individuals with certain rules and regulation that restricts all from corruption.

Venkatraman_4 4 years 4 months ago

Sir, I would laso lke you to reduce or abolish paper work. Everything should be transparent over web/online. All corruption is due to paper work. Especially in property registration. It is fully corrupt department. I am at Bangalore and here builders charge from buyers in the name of giving bribe to officials and in the registration office they charge in the name of commission for their work done. Even panchayats are no less. Almost all revenue department is corrupt. Please do something.

Venkatraman_4 4 years 4 months ago

Sir, I could not find a group where I can give general suggestion hence I am writing here. I want you to introduce law as a subject from class 5 till class 12. I know it will be burden for students but they will know the law of nation and different crimes and punishments. Atleast basic law like IPC, CRPC, motor vehicles act, IT security act, Consumer protection, etc... This will reduce the crimes in country and also will increase awareness in citizens.