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Department of Science and Technology

Created : 18/09/2017
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Department of Science & Technology (DST) was established in May 1971, with the objective of promoting new areas of Science & Technology and to play the role of a nodal department for organising, coordinating and promoting S&T activities in the country. The Department has major responsibilities for specific projects and programmes as listed below:

1. Formulation of policies relating to Science and Technology.
2. Matters relating to the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Cabinet (SACC).
3. Promotion of new areas of Science and Technology with special emphasis on emerging areas.
4. Futurology.
5. Coordination and integration of areas of Science & Technology having cross-sectoral linkages in which a number of institutions and departments have interest and capabilities.
6. Undertaking or financially sponsoring scientific and technological surveys, research design and development, where necessary.
7. Support and Grants-in-aid to Scientific Research Institutions, Scientific Associations and Bodies.