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Chandigarh UT

Created : 05/08/2015
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The city of Chandigarh is known internationally for its architecture and urban design. The city tops in the list of Indian states and Union Territories by per capita income in the country.

Chandigarh ranks 1st in India in Human Development Index, quality of life and e-readiness. Chandigarh IT Park (also known as Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park) is the city’s attempt to break into the Information Technology World. Accordingly to a 2014 survey, Chandigarh is ranked 9th in the top 50 cities identified globally as “emerging outsourcing and IT services destinations” ahead of cities like Beijing. Chandigarh Metro is also likely to start by the year, 2018.

Further, in quest to bring laurels to Chandigarh as a Smart City, the Chandigarh Administration has created a discussion group on national citizen consultation portal, MyGov.in. This is a common platform being provided to the residents of Chandigarh to share their views, ideas, opinion on ‘How to make Chandigarh a Smart City’, so that citizen centric solutions and policies could be drafted. Through MyGov.in, all residents as well as various stakeholders of U.T., Chandigarh are encouraged to post and share their wishes and aspirations so that the objective of progress through public participation could be achieved.