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Stories That Inspire.

MyGov features inspirational stories of unsung transformational pioneers, innovators and reformers who represent the voice of hope during the pandemic gloom. Here are some curated stories of ordinary citizen, who instigated change and inspired a sense of positivity in those around them.

AatmaNirbhar Champions

Featured stories of unsung transformational leaders, who are changing the world around us, one step at a time.

Corona Survivors

The most inspiring stories of resilience and determination among COVID-19 Survivors.

Corona Warrior

Inspirational stories of Corona warriors who went beyond their duty to serve the nation during the testing times of COVID-19 Pandemic.

MyGov Samvaad/Podcast

मेरा गांव मेरा देश : Episode 131

मेरा गांव मेरा देश के इस संस्करण में आइये जाने की प्रधानमंत्री के 'लोकल के लिए वोकल' बनने की अपील ने किस तरह कोरोना जैसी आपदा को अवसर में बदल...

MyGov Corona Samvaad: Episode 174

MyGov संवाद की इस श्रृंख्ला में मिलिए अनुराग जैन और उनकी पार्टनर करिश्मा दोषी से जिन्होंने अपने नए प्रयासों के द्वारा एक नयी सोच को जन्म दिया,...

MyGov Samvaad: Episode 116

In these unpredictable and frightening times, how do we keep ourselves on an even emotional keel?...


S1:E1 - Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

S2|E1: Pandit Ronu Majumdar

E3|E8: Avinish Nayyar