बेहतर नकद प्रबंधन के माध्यकम से वित्तीेय लागत को कम करने के लिए सुझाव दें

Measures to reduce financial costs through better Cash Management
Last Date Nov 01,2014 04:15 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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बेहतर नकद प्रबंधन प्रणाली के माध्यिम से वित्ती य लागत में कमी लाने ...

बेहतर नकद प्रबंधन प्रणाली के माध्यिम से वित्ती य लागत में कमी लाने के लिए उपाय सुझाएँ।

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Kavin Shah 5 साल 7 महीने पहले

In public and general occasion there is lots of waste of money for formalities like honored by bukeys which is thrown by receiving person in a second.We have to stop this formalities.Instead of this collect this fund to help the needy people and shelter.

RAJESH SHUKLA 5 साल 7 महीने पहले

Promot online transactions and transactions through debit and credit card by giving tax/other incentive on these transactions.

this will help in
1.कालेधन की रोकथाम

2.टैक्स ज्यादा से ज्यादा जमा होगा.

3.currency प्रिन्टिंग का खर्च बचेगा.

4.नक्ली नोट नही आ सकेंगे.

5. टैक्स की चोरी रुकेगी.

6.चिल्लर पैसे की समस्या दुर होगी.

7.लोग घर की बजाय अपना पैसा बैंक मे रखना शुरू करेंगे.

8. ग्राहक के पास हर transaction का proof होगा.

इसके अलावा और बहुत से फ़ायदे हो सकते है.

जय हिंद

Ashish Ticku 5 साल 7 महीने पहले

In addition to tution fee other expenses of school fee should be tax free with individual limits.
3. Domiciliary medical reimbursements should have more limits of being tax free.
4. Expenses on vaccinations should be tax free.
Salary structure should be formatted in a standard matter so that maximum expenses with individual upper limits should be tax free so that citizens should have a better feel good .

Ashish Ticku 5 साल 7 महीने पहले

Sir my suggestion is to modify income tax slab with following expenses covered as tax free :-
1. Monthly expenses like food, clothing, basic maintainence expenses with some standard annual limits for which people will start buying these with tax and if some expenses are purely cash based can have some limit of tax free self declaration.
2. School fee payment expenses should not be part of 80C , its should have separate section with all expenses tax free with independent limits. Cont....

mahender gupta 5 साल 7 महीने पहले

Every penny n salaries of every govt employee paid should b seen online, so that every cotizen can c how much expenditure is being spent by state n central govt. All tenders alltted should b put online with all conditions of tenders allotted. People should know how much is being paid to every employee plus other benifits. Cost to govt of every employee should b put on website. People will b aware with this step.

Manoj jain 5 साल 7 महीने पहले

Many a times wasteful expenditure is made on construction of runways in various states without any use.Sometimes Airport land is encroached at free will as the Airports are at the out skirts of the city.Crores and Crores of wasteful expenditure in maintenance of these " Rajkiya Sampati" at the huge cost to exchequor. Just to point out the magnimity of the issue there are more than 525 such unused Air Strips.

Manoj jain 5 साल 7 महीने पहले

A multi crore budget is spent wastefully on Aviation by all states individually without much expertise.A common body is required to see the aviation needs of all states combined, who can forward expertise in identifying the Air machines. Jointly negoitate on cost and multitude of other things.

Hitesh Varwani 5 साल 7 महीने पहले

Respected Sir,
This is Hitesh Varwani, from Mumbai. I run a clothing business, we face taxation problems. Excise duty, Service Tax, VAT, etc. I really liked the GST plan. But, I suggest you to reduce the % so that we can prosper and the nation too.
Thank You.

Prakash Chandak 5 साल 7 महीने पहले

Tax collection expenditure can be reduced in exise/service tax/ vat, if a prepaid tax is issued to consumer on paying advance payment of tax n tax at a discount rate of 1% from original rate is deducted at the time of purchase, it will be beneficiaries both for government and public as it will reduce the collection exp. and also check on corruption moreover a consumer will satisfy that the tax he has given is going to the pocket of government which will also check tax evasion n corruption.