बेहतर नकद प्रबंधन के माध्यकम से वित्तीेय लागत को कम करने के लिए सुझाव दें

Measures to reduce financial costs through better Cash Management
Last Date Nov 01,2014 04:15 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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बेहतर नकद प्रबंधन प्रणाली के माध्यिम से वित्ती य लागत में कमी लाने ...

बेहतर नकद प्रबंधन प्रणाली के माध्यिम से वित्ती य लागत में कमी लाने के लिए उपाय सुझाएँ।

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SHANMUKHA VENUGOPAL 5 साल 7 महीने पहले

Salary payment disbursement may be done in two instalments into employees a/c.
Company/ organisation may transfer monthly salary amount of employees into a common pool a/c from where disbursement to employees may be made in two instalments one on end of the month another on 15th of the following month.
Organization should have arrangement with banker to earn higher interest rate for common pool a/c for maintaining huge short funds.

sanjay chadurvedi 6 साल 3 सप्ताह पहले

Dept. of Lighthouse-MIN-Shipping-New lighthouse towers,buildings are being constructed without actual requirement, but only to make money bycorruption as Crores of money is involved unnecessarilyTour duty buildings at tourist places made with luxary misused by higher officers and families.New Asst Engineers posts are being created unnecessarily at lighthouses with NAVTEX transmitter with 10years MaintenanceContract by Rolta company-already no work for existing staff, AEs, Directors-all sleeping

Santhosh Kumar T M 6 साल 1 महीना पहले

1. Prohibition/complete ban of RS 500/- and 1000/- currency notes in India solve most of the corruption issues. 2.Use of Rs. 25/- and lower currency notes make India non corrupt
3. Mandate >Rs. 500/- transactions online/cheque mode and bring all of them under the umbrella of IT. 4. Thereby create more banks and in turn it provides more jobs. 5. Create Mandal wise cash source/flow monitoring agencies for effective implementation. 6. Provide subsidies directly into beneficiaries.

Bhaskar Vatsa 6 साल 1 महीना पहले

With pahal starting and PM requesting to give up subsidiary for LGP.the Govt could offer tax rebate for those who give up their subsidiary.eg if some one pay full amount then on the extra he pays, he doesn't have to pay taxes. If some rich falls in catagory of 30% tax bracket, then he won't be paying taxes. This will benfit not just this scheme but also revenue of Govt. If someone pay 500 rs extra for a gas cylinder then govt get that full 500 rs instead of just 30%, plus saving on subsidiary.

Ravi Sarda 6 साल 1 महीना पहले


As PM has stated that the cooking gas subsidy should be foregone by those whose are well off,
there is a suggestion that the Aadhar card should get linked to PAN.Those whose declared income is above a threshold would not be able to apply for the subsidy.it also helps to check the flow of the benefit to the right people.PAN Should be made mandatory for fiscal efficiency.

Gaurav_30 6 साल 1 महीना पहले

For any project in government employee go to site for discussion in businness class by airport ,this should be avoided and use video conferencing,

There should be tax on each transaction. And in each organization there should be online salary transfer . and it should make mandatory to transfer money by online not by cash for each transaction having amount more than 100000. In India many business person do not pay nay tax if it become mandatory there can not hide their income.