Draft Smart City Round-3 Proposal for Jhansi

Draft Smart City Round-3 Proposal for Jhansi
Last Date Mar 26,2017 00:00 AM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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Dear Citizens of Jhansi, ...

Dear Citizens of Jhansi,

As you are aware Jhansi is participating in Smart city challenge Round III and is a strong contender. In all three rounds of Smart City Proposal preparation, Jhansi Municipal Corporation has conducted extensive citizen engagement for (i) Understanding issues and aspirations of the citizens (ii) To decide vision goals and strategic direction for the city, (iii) To finalize Pan City and ABD initiatives. Post citizen engagement the city has identified “Vision & Goals” and “ABD & Pan City initiatives”.
The final draft proposal prepared for Jhansi is placed in the public domain for citizen’s inputs. For a better understanding, a presentation of the Smart City Proposal explaining the vision, pan-city proposal and area based development has been shared at the link given below. Please provide your suggestions and feedback.

Click here to access the Draft Smart City Proposal

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