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शून्य पॉडकास्ट - गैल्वनाइजिंग उद्योग के जरिए देश में इनोवेशन पर श्री अरुण गोयल के साथ चर्चा

Shoonya Podcast - Episode 2 : Galvanising Industry to Innovate for India with Mr Arun Goel.

पॉडकास्ट कैटगरी:

Electric vehicles are a crucial part of India's transition to clean and sustainable transportation to help accelerate electric mobility initiatives such as the faster adoption and manufacturing of electric vehicles and production linked incentive scheme have helped seed the nascent EV market, creating a conducive ecosystem for the early EV adopters.

Today we have with us Shri, Arun Goel, Secretary, Department of Heavy Industry, who has been a key figure in the implementation of these schemes and several of the other DHI initiatives. He's a 1985 IAS officer of the Punjab cadre, and has been a vice-chairman for the Delhi Development Authority and a joint secretary for the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance.

He has also worked in urban development in the Punjab government and in the Union Ministry of Urban Development.