Oral Health


WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY – 20th March 2021

Oral diseases are a major health concern for many countries and negatively impact people throughout their lives. Oral diseases lead to pain and discomfort, social isolation, loss of self-confidence, and are often linked to health-related issues.

World Oral Health Day celebrated on 20th March every year empowers people with the knowledge, tools and confidence to secure good oral health. The world oral health day is celebrated to educate people on the importance of adopting a good oral hygiene routine and mitigating risk factors such as unhealthy eating and smoking, among other contributors to poor oral health.

To inspire change by focusing on the importance of oral health for overall health for the next three years the theme sends out a simple but powerful message "Be Proud Of Your Mouth". The adoption of this theme is hoped to motivate people to value and take care of their mouths and understand that by doing so, they can also help protect their general health and well-being.

National Oral Health Programme

This programme was launched to prevent, control and manage effectively, the burden of oral diseases in India. This comprehensive programme aims to make oral health services accessible, affordable and sustainable with onus on oral health promotion and disease prevention for good general health and well being.

To know more about the National Health Oral Programme, visit edantseva.gov.in

Ongoing Activities

Meme Making Contest

Meme Making Contest For World Oral Health Day

Slogan Contest

Slogan Writing Competition For World Oral Health Day

Short Film Contest

Short Film Contest For World Oral Health Day

Poster Making Contest

Poster Making Contest For World Oral Health Day