Seeking Comments of Stakeholders on Draft Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2020

Last Date Jun 05,2020 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)

Ministry of Power has identified few key amendments in the Electricity Act 2003 to address immediate requirements of the electricity sector. Accordingly, draft proposal has been ...

Ministry of Power has identified few key amendments in the Electricity Act 2003 to address immediate requirements of the electricity sector. Accordingly, draft proposal has been circulated on 17.04.2020 in the form of draft Electricity Act (Amendment) Bill 2020 and stakeholders comments sought till 5th June 2020.

1. Establishment of Electricity Contract Enforcement Authority under retired Judge of the High Court for ensuring performance of the contract. The Authority shall have all the powers of a civil court including but limited to powers of attachment and sale of property, arrest and detention in prison and appointment of a receiver. This will ensure faster disposal of adjudicating matters regarding performance of obligations under a contract related to sale, purchase or transmission of electricity.

2. Determination of Cost reflective Tariff for ensuring viability of Electricity Distribution companies (Discoms). the Appropriate Commission to fix tariff for retail sale of electricity without accounting for subsidy; The subsidy, as declared and provided by the State Governments, will be given directly by the government to the consumers clearly reflecting in their bill;

3. Distribution sub licensees: Distribution Licensee may authorise another person, as a sub-license to supply electricity in any particular part of its area of supply, with the permission of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission. This will enable the sub licensee to serve the consumers with full responsibility and due diligence. The distribution licensee will now have the choice to opt for either sub-licensee model or franchisee model. This proposal will bring investment in the distribution sector, ensure regulatory oversight and protect the interests of consumers.

4. Establishment of adequate Payment Security Mechanism : Proposed to empower Load Dispatch Centres to oversee the establishment of adequate payment security mechanism before scheduling dispatch of electricity, as per contracts.

5. Strengthening of the Appellate Tribunal (APTEL): It is proposed to increase its strength of Members, apart from the Chairperson, to at least seven to facilitate quick disposal of cases; also to enhance the powers by assigning power equivalent to High Court under the provisions of the Contempt of Courts Act. With increased strength of members, now APTEL benches can also sit in a place other than Delhi as per the requirement of the case and for easy access to the state.

6. Proposal for Single Selection Committee for giving recommendations for appointments of chairperson and members in central as well as state regulatory commissions for uniformity in selection. The Selection Committee shall be headed by the Judge of Supreme Court .Appointments shall continue to be done by respective Governments.

7. National Renewable Energy Policy: It is proposed to have a separate policy for the development and promotion of generation of electricity from renewable sources of energy.

8. Hydro Power Purchase Obligations (HPO): a minimum percentage of purchase of electricity from hydro sources of energy is to be specified by the State Commissions. Hydro Power purchase Obligations shall be separate part of non solar based Renewable Purchase Obligations.

9. Enforcement of Renewable purchase obligations by levy penalties for non-fulfilment of obligation to buy electricity from renewable and/or hydro sources of energy.

10. Provisions related to Cross border trade in Electricity have been added to facilitate and develop trade in electricity with other countries.

Click here to read the draft bill.

Last date of submission is 5th June,2020.

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हमारे देश को सबसे जादा बिजली जरुरत है क्योंकी सभी घरी सभी उपकरण,कंपणीया ,गाडींया यह सब बिजली के बिना नही चलती है.बिजली आजतक पाणी होती थी.लेकीन अब हवा से भी होनी लगी है.पवनऊर्जा के माध्यम से .अब सौर ऊर्जा पर सरकार ध्यान देना होगा बढती लोकसंख्या का कारण बिजली का जादा बोझ है इसिलिए पाणी के उपर निर्भय न रहता पवनऊर्जा और सौरऊर्जा के माध्यम से हमे बिझली उपलब्ध करणी होगी.
बिजली बचायो देश को आगे बढाओ का नारा लगाना होगा घरघर में जनजागृती करणी होगी और बिजली महत्त्व समजाना होगा.हमे जागृत रहना है.

kapil siyag 1 घंटा 16 मिनट पहले

Sir baki sab thik h lakin jo students vaps apne exam ke liye appear krne wale h mtlb jinka retest h unka kya hoga naa to vo apne school ki classes attend kr paa rhe aur naa hi 12 ka khud se padh paa rhe h aur jab tak unka retest hoga tab tak agar vo pass bhi hote h to unka school pta nhi kitna course kra chuka hoga agar unko abhi 11 se 12 aur 9 se 10 mai promote kr dete to sayad vo apne school ka padaya hua padh pate lakin aab bo apni 11 ka yaa 9 ka hi padh paa rhe h aur fhir pass hone prr unke

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Sir I would suggest that government should promote solar panels systems for residential and commercial properties and to impose it effectively government should provide the solar panels system at a subsidized rate so that majority of citizens will get attracted to install solar panels system. also this will be more economical and eco-friendly solution towards a green environment and will decrease global warming to a wider extend.

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Hello sir, hum aarticle likhte hai, aur corona ke related hum ne ek aarticle likha hai.. humara ye aarticle Maharashtra ki mulund city main jo gujrati mulundnews paper aata hai us main ye aarticle aaya hai, jo hum aap se share kar rahe hai. Aap is aarticle ko read kar ke hume aap se reply mile ye umeed karte hai. Hum sab ek yoddha Hai.. ye aarticle ka title hai

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1.jitni bhi discoms h unko jis tariff se electricity provide Karani ho. vo tariff net hona chahiye ( inclusive all taxes , surcharges, adjustment etc).
2.Power Generation cost ko kam kia jaye ,distribution ko bhi cost effective banaya jaye,self meter reading ko badawa dia jaye, renewable resources k jariye electricity ko generate krne k liye aur badawa mile,jo log solar or wind power se electricity generate kr rhe unko direct electricity bechne ki permission isse consumer ko benefit milega.

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Commercial shops/establishments need to be compelled to use solar panels to cover their electricity needs . Cancel their various licenses if they do not comply with the same within 180 days. Make it compulsory to link PAN number of commercial property owners with that of electric meters to monitor rental income. Uploading of current running lease agreements to be made compulsory to have proper track of this activity.

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With all respects, I urge the honourable PM of India that this experiment has taken away livelihoods, right to privacy of patients. Human race can survive only by reproduction which takes place when male and female come together.Promoting Social Distancing 👤✖️👤 will only reduce the possibility of creating stronger 💪 human being for future of humans. Do you think virus or governments can hinder future of human race? Please stop such a propaganda which harms human race, it will fail