Share your best ideas for Implementation of Budget Initiatives for the Power and Renewable Energy Sector

Last Date Mar 31,2021 23:45 PM IST (GMT +5.30 Hrs)
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Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the Webinar to detail a roadmap for effective implementation of the provisions related to Power and Renewable Energy Sector in ...

Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the Webinar to detail a roadmap for effective implementation of the provisions related to Power and Renewable Energy Sector in the Union Budget 2021-22.

The panellists of the Webinar shared their insights and provided inputs related to putting in place the framework to give consumers alternatives to achieve from among more than one distribution companies.

The key announcements in the Union Budget related to Power and Renewable Energy Sector are as follows and we seek ideas and suggestions from the public and other stakeholders on the same:

a. The distribution companies across the country are monopolies either Government or private. There is a need to provide choice to consumers by promoting competition. A framework will be put in place to give consumers alternatives to choose from among more than one Distribution Company.

b. The viability of distribution companies is a serious concern. A revamped reform-based result-linked power distribution sector scheme will be launched with an outlay of Rs. 3,05,984 crores over 5 years. The scheme will provide assistance to DISCOMS for infrastructure creation, including pre-paid smart metering and feeder separation, up-gradation of systems, etc., tied to financial improvements.

c. For a USD 5 trillion economy, our manufacturing sector has to grow in double digits on a sustained basis. Our manufacturing companies need to become an integral part of global supply chains, possess core competence and cutting-edge technology. To achieve all of the above, PLI schemes to create manufacturing global champions for an AatmaNirbhar Bharat have been announced for 13 sectors. For this, the government has committed nearly 1.97 lakh crores, over 5 years starting FY 2021-22. This initiative will help bring scale and size in key sectors, create and nurture global champions and provide jobs to our youth.

d. Hon’ble Prime Minister, while speaking at the 3rd RE-Invest Conference in November 2020, had announced plans to launch a comprehensive National Hydrogen Energy Mission. It is now proposed to launch a Hydrogen Energy Mission in 2021-22 for generating hydrogen from green power sources.

e. To give a further boost to the non-conventional energy sector, I propose to provide an additional capital infusion of Rs.1,000 crores to Solar Energy Corporation of India and Rs. 1,500 crores to Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency.

f. In Part A, we have already acknowledged that solar energy has huge promise for India. To build up domestic capacity, we will notify a phased manufacturing plan for solar cells and solar panels. At present, to encourage domestic production, we are raising duty on solar invertors from 5% to 20%, and on solar lanterns from 5% to 15%.

The last date for submission is 31st March 2021

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Mukesh Kumar 1 महीना 1 week पहले

More idea for power corporation are give below.
1-mostly work light are in industrieal aria.
2-making light are turbine in diffent diffrent sector.
3-today soler enrgy uses in our house .
4-soler energy by making sunlight
5-any time more power require any areis the coming in bhakhana bhand .
6-sunlight light uses one slight energy uses one or two light on today and next or prevese day.

Er Niraj Singh Rajput 1 महीना 1 week पहले

Now that we have increasingly innovative and less-expensive ways to achieve both mission SWACHH BHARAT MISSION , RENEWABLE ENERGY at this year government should be encouraged to all states should have at least Bio gas plant most of cities like that renewables are becoming a more important power source,The expansion in renewables is also happening at homes that can used itself. In this methods we can keep our city clean and bio gas plant is capables to supply electricity to specific community .

Parsuram Mandal 1 महीना 1 week पहले

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